85 after the girl founded mobile e commerce platform Jingdong investment of 10 millionShare some

The founder of

clothing assistant founder Gu Ying Sakura

4, do Wangzhuan, to be specific, you discover that there is a lot of Wangzhuan novice just started to do Wangzhuan, is doing this today, tomorrow to do that, or just do a lot of projects, in an attempt to quickly earn a lot of money, then easily lead to what can be done! I think, do Wangzhuan. Must be selected one of their own development model, selected to do the project, do fine choose good after it was to carry out the project, and strive to do, so that we can get more return


many beginner, in the process of doing Wangzhuan, take a lot of detours, encountered difficulties, wasting a lot of time, think of these scenes, all is infinite emotion, this paper gives some experience of our Wangzhuan novices to talk about their own, hope you avoid detours.

Abstract the founder of the clothing assistant was 85 Gu Ying Sakura, who participated in the founding of Hangzhou pan city technology at the age of 22.

dressing assistant for 85 after Gu Ying Sakura, the 22 year old co founded Hangzhou city science and technology, 25 year old cash shares to achieve financial freedom, 2012 and decided to seize the mobile Internet opportunities to venture, in September of that year on the release of dressing assistant.

this is the B round of financing assistant clothing, financing the scale of this round of more than ten million U.S. dollars, but Tencent technology temporarily unable to verify the specific financing scale. In addition to the Jingdong investment in this round of financing, clothing assistant another investor for Temasek group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cheung Feng investment.


1, to build "quality electricity supplier" supply chain system, through the establishment of strict audit, tracking, evaluation system to strictly select and optimize clothing assistant settled in store, and maintain a dynamic elimination system.


clothing assistant, similar to beauty, said, and mogujie, are shopping for electricity providers from "Amoy goods" into "buy"". In the "short frequency fast" mobile shopping era, to provide users with time saving, cost shopping model, the difference is that the clothing assistant more emphasis on collocation".

3, increase brand awareness, accumulate more users.

informed sources, the current Jingdong in the field of investment also belongs to the water test

, 3 power, do Wangzhuan cannot do without power, there is power, there will be execution, regardless of any project, you’ll have to do, and if you do good, want to get a good return, you will have to do this thing, to the utmost attention, is the largest try to do any project! If you don’t want to do, is certainly not to be able to get a return, you do it, you can get a return, at least, you get valuable knowledge, valuable experience

dressing assistant, the financing by Jingdong investment vice president Chang Bin is responsible for finalizing, its round of financing mainly has 3 major uses:

5, state of mind, do Wangzhuan, just to put your mind, there are a lot of friends because the mind is that it is difficult to make money on the Internet, for example, some friends have flourishes mentality, finally to overnight and is likely to fall into a trap, but also some friends think Wangzhuan easily do, it is easy to make money. That money online is a very easy thing, very simple things, but it is not the case, but also to make money online and in real life, want to make money, to get a good harvest, you must try hard to pay, no pay, no gain. "

features of this group of people is willing to spend a lot of time to do the "Amoy" behavior, and would like to go to a quality platform perhaps the price is not the lowest whole network platform, stable buy high quality products, quality and business core is good".

2, the establishment of a brand service center, stand in front of the seller, for clothing assistant users to provide one-stop shopping support services and standardized shopping services.

Jingdong is stepping up investment. Tencent technology today exclusively learned in the automotive electricity supplier BITAUTO shares heavily, Jingdong and a stake in the community before the mobile platform dressing assistant. Jingdong insiders have confirmed that the investment has been settled.

2, need to do Wangzhuan, because want to make money, you must work hard, you need to study hard, to do good, only hard, will have a harvest! If you want to get the mature fruit, you would have spent more time than others to do so hard learning

1, the network to make money, need to be patient, need to adhere to, perseverance, there are a lot of Wangzhuan friends, because there is no persistence, patience, do some time because Wangzhuan had a small problem, it was difficult, finally stopped, in fact, the network also make money in real life the same, you need to have patience, you need to adhere to, I personally think that each person do Wangzhuan early basically will encounter many difficulties, but also want to earn money is difficult, because your knowledge is not enough, to be learning. But if you can overcome these difficulties, after the storm, it should be All sufferings have their reward.. Whether do Wangzhuan or do other projects or, patience and insist is very important!

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported February 2nd

said Gu Yingying told the Tencent interview with science and technology, upgrading the electricity supplier of 90 Internet aborigines increased, and open the new era of national electricity supplier, electricity users China slowly began to appear stratification, appeared a group of "quality in the electricity users in the crowd".

to sell the business through the combination of collocation "in the form of dressing assistant to show the unique style, the same taste to attract users to become a fan. In the clothing assistant platform, each tie-in buyer is fashion from the media, the community influence can be directly converted into economic interests.

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