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achieve the above three points, the entrepreneur is possible in the tide of entrepreneurship unruffled, overcoming all obstacles, solve key problems, grasp the direction of entrepreneurship.

clear personal entrepreneurial goals

1. identifies the individual’s entrepreneurial goals;

3. capacity assessment, the gradual implementation of entrepreneurial goals.

2. content is the key, the organization should be reasonable, not too complicated.

1. chooses the right theme to attract viewers’ attention.

first, into the Taobao customers, almost give up.

3. ads do not go too far, one of the two places at most.

investment in the financial sector — entrepreneurship is always a choice with all kinds of problems, many enterprises are also lack of control strategy of coherence, competitive advantage, talented employees, moderate and clear relationships etc.. For entrepreneurs, only one or two opportunities at a time to solve one or two problems. As a result, entrepreneurs must consider major issues such as goals, strategies, capabilities, etc., and distinguish key issues from the normal "growing pains" in the process of enterprise development. The question of this issue has been elaborated in detail by the Federation of investment and finance, which is arranged by the investment and finance sector as follows:

at the beginning, I just do some single product promotion and some shop promotion, mainly in the promotion of Taobao alliance is to copy the code, and then paste it into your own blog, space, and each big forum posting. Because it is just contact, what all don’t understand, hair everywhere, the past month, the income of nothing. At that time, I felt that Taobao customers wanted to make money, it was not easy, so there was the idea of giving up. Family and colleagues encouraged to give me power, I began to think about why there is no income as a warning for the future. The final conclusion is that I have a lot of advertising, but the content of plagiarism, lack of logic, the total use of other people’s things to use, naturally will not achieve any effect. Later, I began to pay attention to my blog or forum in the article of innovation, and slowly brought a number of traffic, I also have to do Taobao’s first income. Here I summarize some of the experiences of blogging or Forum promotion:

‘s entrepreneurial goals can be a desire to show one’s talents, a new test of technology, a desire for a free lifestyle, the pursuit of capital gains, the pursuit of rapid growth, and so on.

2011 New Year’s day early in the morning, I habitually open the computer, enter Ali mother website to see yesterday’s income. To my great surprise, on the last day of 2010, I earned more than 200 yuan. Excited, I did not forget nearly two years to do Taobao’s sweet and bitter, and everyone together analysis.

2. develops strategies and considers how to achieve business goals;

personal entrepreneurial goal determines what kind of enterprise the entrepreneur will establish and determines the enterprise goal. Hope for a quick profit in the merger of entrepreneurs, enterprises can sustainable development is not important, and hope for the enterprise to make the development of enterprise entrepreneurs through the staff, technology and other aspects, sustainability is very important. On the target scale of the enterprise, the entrepreneur who pays attention to life does not need to scale large enterprises, but the entrepreneurs who seek capital gains are just the opposite.

4. is original and gives the reader a new feeling.

at this point I would like to make a website of my own, if you can do all kinds of goods are summarized, and then provided to buyers, but also to provide users with search function, so I do not need >

startups often require entrepreneurs to take long-term bets at risk. For example, brand-name consumer goods businesses need to invest constantly to stay on top. Entrepreneurs may advertise for creating famous brands, accept investors, or personally guarantee debt to pay for advertising costs; make important decisions for training the backbone of experienced employees. In addition, perhaps many years after the start-up enterprises to profit, this is only possible.

only after a clear personal entrepreneurial goals, entrepreneurs can clearly know what kind of enterprise they want to establish, what risks, what sacrifices, whether they can afford.

entrepreneurs who want to deal with complex problems and make the right decisions must first try to understand these three things:

06 years, I began to contact Taobao, 07 years with their own Taobao shop, has done recharge, sold software and cosmetics. Because my personality is introverted, not very communicative, my Taobao store has been operating is not too good. 09 years, the first chance, I learned on the Ali mother website "Taobao customers" in this industry, because "Taobao customers" do not have direct communication with buyers, this industry is right for me.

just as my income gradually improved, one day, the forums and blogs didn’t like the chain ads, and my income plummeted. Later on the Internet to find relevant methods, it was said to reopen Taobao shop, the Commission of relatively high commodity into the shop inside, someone buy, then notify the employer delivery. In fact, this method doesn’t work, do not say first financial problems, you are not up to the reputation, who come to your shop to buy something, this is cheating had not opened Taobao shop friends, but I have nearly two years of experience in Taobao dispensers.

2. risk and sacrifice


two, slightly improved, and trapped.

The content of

1. enterprise goal

at the same time, small businesses are difficult to recruit, talented people do not want to come, entrepreneurs only themselves top. Once the entrepreneur is ill or mentally and physically exhausted, immediately faced the crisis of entrepreneurship.

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