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here, I’d like to ask if the traffic is really high. I’m puzzled by this view

is also a year before I started the new webmaster, looked at his website every day only a few hundred IP, every one or two RMB income I feel sad, then find a few master to ask questions, they gave me the answer is to do up the flow, new sites don’t consider the money flow is very important, how many decide how much money you can make the flow. So I started to step down, first from the content of the site to the station because of me is the movie station, I updated daily, there is a good movie I would add, and add some comments about the movie, I always as the first standard to content is king. Next is to learn SEO, I think every day how to optimize each of my keywords, always in order to improve their traffic.

there are many people who say that because the movie station low price so I earn money, someone told me the price can also travel station than the movie station but the price is high, but also because my family is in Tai’an, the chance I in YAHOO knowledge hall for the Taishan tourist guide, I found a lot of ask this although there are a lot of problems, the Taishan tourism network but not very comprehensive and meticulous, so I decided to do a Taishan tourist guide network. My poor, can only download a template change, change the time of their Taishan tourist guide network just on the line, we want to know Taishan can open my website to see the site, do not flow too, every day I find some optimization and generalization of the method on the Internet learn something every day, to promote their own website, thinking about how to make Taishan, Taishan tourism, Taishan tourism Raiders of the words to the front of the search engine.

Pablo Palatnik, ShadesDaddy CEO, in 2007 he began to create ShadesDaddy, now ShadesDaddy has become one of the world’s largest online retailer sunglasses. As a successful entrepreneur, before the 30 birthday, he wrote a number of business since the sentiment, is hoping to help business friends. The following is the text:

I’ve often said, hoping to become millionaires before the age of 30. This is only my two brothers and I often talk with eloquence when one thing. During this time, they often dismissed my idea in their mind. I believe that everyone needs to put forward the "opposition" friends around, but may need the right way. I believe in life, you will encounter a lot of people, even though they may wish you good luck, I hope you never visited, but it often contains another layer of meaning, they actually don’t think that you are so lucky. I hope there are more positive, rather than negative people around you. This will have a big impact on you, regardless of your career or your life.

, I can’t take a few words in this article as I write this for 30 years, but I will write some in to become an entrepreneur and experience the most important experience, and I like this and many entrepreneurs share, hope to benefit your business. Perhaps, you see in these tips, you will say "I’m not to regard it as right, know it." So, I will be happy for you. Because of this, I’m not trying to explain any secret of success or you have heard something. This is just some of my experiences are summarized from personal experience in. I believe that most entrepreneurs will have some similar experiences in the entrepreneurial process, therefore, we can summarize some of the coexistence of the truth from the entrepreneurial process in an entirely different.


in the past 12 years, I have been addicted to online retail. I also.

Although Over the past 30 years review of

over the past year, hard work pays off, my site traffic arrived every day to more than IP, the data that stationmaster of a lot of peer surprised, I put the shlf1314 union advertising, but every day I have only two or three dollars, the other station length is less than one thousand IP you can earn seven or eight dollars, maybe my website is priced too low, but many movie website as my high traffic, I have no clicks, why their income is higher than me? Listen to advertising should optimize the look, so according to their instructions to shlf1314 advertising optimization of the price up, the daily income of more, but still not ideal.

"website content is king, as long as the site traffic will come up to make money, the flow is the site of the life" which is often on the new owners of the old owners told told them that new sites don’t just think about money, the low flow stone not to earn money, earn money will only flow up.

, I have been an entrepreneur. Our business enterprises, so the "entrepreneurial" concept has been deeply rooted in the heart, so I have been hoping to create some new achievements on the basis of the existing.

5 months ago, I lost an important person in your life, you can also think is the most important person. The man brought me into this world, my mother. I think I have inherited from her hard work and the quality of real love. In fact, I’m pretty sure this point. But don’t misunderstand, but my father is working hard. But if I choose my father, then I will choose my father. But my mother, in her life, the quality is still unmatched.

is it really? I didn’t feel right at all, to see what you are standing, to look at your site potential value, I have deep experience with T, combined with my practice to talk about my views.

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