AOL executives put it in the field of advertising with shlf1314 YAHOO hegemonyNetwork grassroots SE

AOL network media summit said: "with the increasing of network applications and user characteristics gradually dispersed, large advertisers and publishers that work with large scale partners will have more value." He stressed: "AOL portal identity, will help it in the field of advertising display, straight Yahoo and shlf1314 follow the footsteps of the dominant position.

1. the higher network, this kind of person is a group on the Internet to make money crazy, what good Wangzhuan will for the first time by this kind of person to know and take, no matter no matter how hard will go hard, because they believe Wangzhuan is to be a powerful executive force and skill, this kind of people have the most obvious blue collar not take advantage and hardship excellent day and night fighting, in their eyes, money can no matter what. The higher people’s way of making money online is undoubtedly Taobao, shlf1314 alliance, Adwords, CPA, CPS, and so on a series of tricks and ways to make money are best and study Wangzhuan people, in the face of any profitable way, this group of people can adapt quickly and find lucrative profit point and the tipping point was detonated to bring huge revenue to yourself.

, a once tired Internet service provider, is becoming a competitor in the online media and advertising industry. The combination of Tacoda and AOL’s huge advertising network and AOL’s Advertising can greatly broaden the reach of advertisers who want to use behavior. After acquiring Tacoda, AOL acquired the most famous and most experienced behavior oriented technology called outfits, and by the way, it included a large amount of online user behavior data.

      July 25th message, according to Clickz website reported, AOL2.75 billion purchase behavior oriented company Tacoda, AOL executives boasted with shlf1314, Yahoo can participate in the field of advertising industry; Burst Media CEO Jarvis Coffin also think: AOL has done a lot of work on self innovation, now they are equipped good.

2. regular electric businessman, the vast majority of people in this category is a small step to go completely safe and steady in electronic commerce, the analysis and study of electronic commerce is their responsibility, and what kind of development trend of the Internet, this group of people will follow the update and change, such as do network promotion and network marketing and so on are all around the business work, for example, we all know that Taobao mall operators and B2C operators are regular electricity supplier who walk the line. This type of person is characterized by optimistic about the electricity supplier and convinced the trend of the electricity supplier and struggle for it.

AOL just bought $275 million for Tacoda, an action oriented company that has been aggressively buying. Advertising management company AdTech, mobile advertising network Third, Screen Media, video advertising platform Lightningcast has become AOL door. AOL hopes to expand its advertising capabilities through acquisitions. The acquisition of Tacoda has added an online advertising expertise to AOL. The industry’s CEO Media Burst Jarvis Coffin commented: "AOL has done a lot of work on self innovation, and now they are well equipped."."

I also very simple example shows the current Internet environment of the two types of people, or take the regular route, or go Pangmenxiedao and loopholes do Wangzhuan project, in fact, not to say that the two of any kind is not good, it should be said that both are excellent, I believe many depend on the Internet grassroots or to make a difficult decision to go beyond the road, in the end is to take Wangzhuan or go "

Mike Kelly

today to the forum to see a lot of articles are receiving a lot of ideas and inspiration, here and share network on the Internet in the tough choices, the current Internet environment, the development of personal webmaster is undoubtedly the most topic of concern to everyone, whether you are still in the study and research of SEO Technology a real has done a few years of electrical workers, the future of how to promote the development of their own and work in the road is we need to be concerned, once crazy understand baituan group known as the hundred regiments, it is like a raging fire passion is a popular and temptation. A group of people on the network, make thousands of yuan and earn million yuan this seems unrealistic words in the network play, staged in understand baituan group, but in the end it is already dead and myth Legend, like’s basketball superstar Maigret Di, scored 13 points in 10 seconds, and now that’s all gone. OK, let me get down to business. Now let’s analyze how the Internet is making money in the following ways:

in 2005, Tacoda established a behavior >

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