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website personalized word for many people who do not understand SEO, in many SEO optimization training courses are rarely mentioned. It’s a new term coined by SEO training school for web marketing. What is website individual character word, it is to include a distinctive word in the website, can be website name, website long tail keyword, website character description is waited a moment.

is like my blog, website character word is "Zhang Qiya SEO Training Institute", the word and the first blog theme, we mainly do is SEO related content, then this personality word contains website optimization target keywords and long tail keywords. Moreover, the website personalized words are convenient for users to remember, and play a role in increasing the rate of return of the users of the website.

website personalized word as a result of more unique, basically no other website to optimize the word, so as long as your own web site appears after this keyword, it is easy to row to Baidu first. For example, the blog’s personalized word "SEO Training Institute" has long been in the NO1 position and is very stable.


website personalized word row to the first, we can through the webmaster SEO chain guide users, Baidu search personalized keywords into the web site, increase the site traffic. For a new website, it can effectively improve the identity of the website. When the keyword search amount of personality to reach a certain amount, it will produce Baidu index, with the Baidu index, the site will have Baidu weight.

website personality words for SEO optimization, in addition to increasing the webmaster marketing channels, but also through the website personality words to accurately determine whether the site was Baidu drop right. A lot of SEO to optimize the training course, we talked about to determine whether a site is down right Baidu, through the website, keywords ranking to judge, but it is often wrongly.

Baidu algorithm is often updated, a new algorithm on the line may lead to a decline in the site included. The opponent website optimization progress also can cause the website keyword rank to drop, but these are not the website is reduced the right to cause. Through the website personality word ranking, you can very accurate judgment, if the website personality word ranking has been the first, but suddenly dropped a lot or disappear directly, one hundred percent shows that the site has been Baidu down right. Such as SEO optimization training institute of personalized words, SEO Training Institute ranking decline, said the website was down right, you can say that website personality word is website SEO ranking rain table.

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