Moonlight blog six techniques for improving your blog reading experience

blog reading experience in many aspects, if you want to create a popular blog, so you may want to treat your readers, improve the reading experience, which will enhance their chance to visit your blog again, let them become a frequent visitor to your blog or website of your website if you can, of course the registration, you can also become one of the registered users, I am providing six kinds of practical method.

1. brief and concise blog introduction.

this is often considered useless or unnecessary, but it does allow visitors to know exactly what type of site or blog you have. To sum up, the format is roughly

the first part: the goal of the website, which is the theme of the site content, such as blogs in the moonlight just site is an article written by moonlight, blog, is a discussion of computer technology and Internet technology based science and technology blog. What is the goal of Moonlight blog?.

second part: the website main introduction, the general content is who I am, my present occupation and so on, certainly you also may more detailed point.

The third part

: contact and description, this part is very important, so the readers or visitors can contact you, put forward opinions and ideas of their own, are very important for the description of the site, for example, I do not exchange links.

2. high-quality Bowen, not the most requested bowen.

we know that visitors to your website is to get them what they want or information from inside your website, they first visit your site is mostly through search engines such as Google, you know there is such a website, so you must cherish this opportunity, sometimes even the same thing. They have learned in other sites, but the readers want to know more about you (the main site) personal thought, rather than what they say, what a certain website said, at the same time with the idea and remember to update Oh! If you every day or every week (recommended time not too long, so it is at the same time, to stabilize the visitors) is to express different views, visitors will feel that you do not want to find everything fresh and new, users are difficult to


3. occasionally presents the same thing in the form of entertainment (humor, color).

I would like

for a long time, I was writing my blog has been described in dull things, then you should consider the site should not have entertainment penetration point color elements? Write yourself and visit your blog can be accepted, this period of time inside the regulars will come to visit, they will not feel boring, because you can always surprise them, in a word, my advice is often can give users a surprise statement on the nature of the entertainment, on their own recently happened


: Moonlight, for example, is a keynote blog, but moonlight can be used regularly

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