Three rural entrepreneurship how to create Read the report

venture in Zhongguancun street, Shenzhen Bay Business Square, "business", is from the crowd in high frequency words. Recently, entrepreneurial tentacles fields, many farmers also catch the "entrepreneurial innovation train", out of poverty income.


connection from the network in the world, expanding the rural electricity supplier services through the "Internet plus agriculture" to "the development of the characteristic agricultural enterprise + cooperative + farmers" and the form of agricultural entrepreneurship increased significantly; the traditional rural entrepreneurs, migrant workers, migrant students, and even many city people are beginning to take root in rural areas, engaged in relevant business projects, the main business of the "three rural" presents a new atmosphere more than capable and high education level, female entrepreneurship population growing; the main battlefield in rural entrepreneurship, a major agricultural province of the obvious advantages…… The new change of the agriculture related business, are jointly issued free the people’s daily, central kitchen, seventh sets of CCTV agricultural programs, the Ministry of agriculture rural entrepreneurship and Innovation Office "report China" three rural "wealth". The report from the perspective of big data perspective of China’s "three rural" entrepreneurship development status, in-depth analysis of the "three rural" entrepreneurial prospects. It is understood that the report will be held on January 5th at the seventh session of the CCTV in the "three rural" entrepreneurial rich example promotion activities of the "three rural" entrepreneurial rich example awards authority issued.

"China stronger, agriculture must be strong; China to the United States, the countryside must be beautiful; China to rich, farmers must be rich." "China" three rural "Wealth Report" shows the overall development of agriculture related business for us China. But specific to the individual head of farmers, rural entrepreneurship is not easy, people look forward to getting rich, eager entrepreneurial information. The "three rural" business how to create? How can we avoid detours? In order to answer doubts to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs want to find out, people around the agricultural areas of entrepreneurial wealth worth learning example, this event will also invite domestic entrepreneurship Ka, economic research experts, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Award winning rural entrepreneurial wealth models. Guests, ask them to share entrepreneurial wisdom and experience in the ceremony, for example inspiring deeds, by the power of example to help entrepreneurs grow.


it is reported that the "three rural" entrepreneurial role model to promote the activities of the China agricultural film and Television Center organized by the rich by the column contractors. Active solicitation of thousands of candidates for example to the whole society, through the development of industrial integration, precise poverty, new farmers, dedication, "Internet plus modern ecological agriculture", the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation of the seven theme, show the agricultural entrepreneurial style, build agriculture in the field of entrepreneurial heroes in "public business, under the guidance of" innovation.

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