2010 what is the core of e commerce website operation

What is the core of

2010 e-commerce website? How to more effectively promote their products? How to transform to more effectively become the order? These are all we need to consider the issue in 2010. Now the electronic commerce website about 15 thousand, how can the inside of this talent shows itself is the primary problem, how can we improve our logistics and commodity quality? Only a good competitive advantage to be able to have good corporate earnings.

with the development and maturity of the network, more and more enterprises and individuals begin to use the Internet to do all kinds of work. The status of the network is becoming more and more important. It has become an indispensable thing in daily life production. Since the network began to enter from the education information management simple to the field of business management, the network provides new opportunities for business and commercial also promoted the rapid development of the network, the two complement each other under the birth of a new business model for e-commerce marketing channels in different target market came into being. After a period of extensive use in business and trade activities, e-commerce has gradually played a strong role and has attracted more and more people’s attention.

electronic commerce has broken the traditional marketing channels, through directly and quickly communicate with consumers, provide marketable products or services, not only reduce the number of circulation enterprises, reduce inventory, create more profits for the enterprise, improve the enterprise’s competitive ability, at the same time, profit to consumers, saving consumers total purchase cost, can stay at home to buy high quality and inexpensive products in a short period of time. E-commerce promotes the upgrading of enterprise marketing methods, but also promote the transformation of people’s consumption concept, irreversible trend of the times.

is playing a more and more important role in e-commerce. Promotion is one of the works of website operation, and it is a very important branch, especially in the early stage of website operation or small project. What is the core of e-commerce business? Is the essence of electronic tools; invoicing is the core of electronic form (the effect), a lot of new electronic commerce, will focus more in the framework of a good user experience of the website, on how to promote the site, there are simply too.

understand the nature of e-commerce, can more clearly the website operation work is not the core, website construction, website promotion is not, especially for the initial projects, small projects, in which the core? Some suggestions are given as follows:

1. people for a long time to do the work is customer service, that is, sales and after-sales work. Through the contact with users, to understand the user needs, so as to familiarize themselves with the project in the product, website, process of all aspects of;

2. has recently been focusing on products: why not sell it? It’s a traffic problem. It’s a bad experience for websites, but the core issue is: products. Supply channels, price systems, reasonable inventory, and even product titles, pictures, descriptions. The source problem has not been solved, >

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