New station 1 and a half months 500P reflection

51 live sports network has 1 and a half months, mainly for the under, the first day of the war, a few are only 10 IP, and their friends, second days, more than 300 IP, scared, that is brought by GOOGLE. Station second days was included, at that time in the European Championship, so it is more popular.

, but not later, Google traffic is not much, down to less than 100. I did not find how to link during the period, and Baidu did not include me. So, that time every day SITE Baidu, I hope Baidu can include me.

didn’t include me for 3 days.

didn’t include me for 7 days.

didn’t include me for 2 weeks.

want to hope, but also joined the Baidu alliance, hoping to be included, the results were rejected on the spot, said I am not good content. In fact, I add my own content. And they’re all sports videos. Now, well, I’ve found it, I can’t turn it around, I guess.

did not expect the twenty-first day (20 days when I did not see), suddenly the traffic was up, a check, Baidu came up. I feel so happy. Once suspected was punished domain name or server, a little discouraged, did not expect to be included, ha ha, happy, and more pleased to bring some traffic.

then, after the European Championships, the Olympic TV timetable query continued to bring traffic, but very single.

so I adjusted the key words and headlines, just a little. Yesterday, I found the page was K, a SITE Baidu, a lot of web pages were K, no correction of the place has been K. But the home page update continues, and Baidu updates my homepage. Therefore, the flow rate does not fall or rise.

is IP to more than 700 this morning and is expected to exceed 1000, basically checking the Zhengzhou Olympic torch relay video.

this flow, many webmaster do not have to read, ha ha, if some webmaster useful on it. The experience is as follows:

1., patience, Baidu included, if not included, don’t change the website structure and keyword

2. new sites included, not to modify the structure and title. Careful

3. strengthens the inner chain and the outer chain. I do the chain inside the chain is relatively bad. Side to work, do a stand, watch their own ball, watching sports live, so it is not done (not for reasons, pull out)

4., the chain should be strengthened, bit by bit accumulation. Although I Links do very bad (no link: () but included Baidu know me a lot, some are my submission, some users submitted! I feel really happy, be included as the best answer, that my work is not in vain.


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