Analysis of six months without a reason for income

actually wants to do the website is 2 years ago, the real website is in 09 years in March. The main reason is not site, in fact, to tell the truth, and now I do not know how to build a website, just use the background program to do forums. Should I have never had the opportunity to study the system of the construction site, the Dreamweaver software is not understand, once in the online download some tutorials, but there is no such a website based on my people, see the tutorial is like reading mumbo-jumbo. I know it’s no excuse, but let’s not talk about it today.

will not do the station, do forums, upload space template, you can use the background. In this way, in March this year, I began to do forums, I first in 5d6d on the application of a free space, in the above do probably do, there are 10 days of Baidu included. There was a little happy, will continue to promote, but found a 2 level domain name website promotion is too difficult, others don’t despise you and you are willing to exchange links, search engines are not too concerned about you, so then get yourself a top-level domain to continue propaganda. At the beginning they know what is called SEO, after reading some of the A5 keyword articles began to optimize their website, updated some articles, updated daily Links, back a large number of other forum posts. In this way, my BBs included more, and the GOOLE value of PR also suddenly became 2., but to tell you the truth, the web site did almost half a year, or a little income is not. Today I put down promotion first, share the reason that the website has not earned a little money for six months, everybody listen to is I say so?.

reason 1 is inefficient, though it never stops, but how useful is it?. Therefore, in the future to improve their efficiency, they would not be full-time site, how much time can be wasted?.

2 reasons for the lack of technology, I said on the website before you really know too little to do is very reluctantly, but still need to continuously improve the technology, because there is no limitation, it is too big.


3 less time, I am not a full-time do Wangzhuan, during the day to work all night. But really want to promote a good website without certain experience is not enough, although the night do after 12 but waste a lot of time from work at 6 pm to 12 pm, 6 hours at least 2 hours away. Eat, wash or do it.

reason 4 don’t understand SEO, this question is very important, but I don’t know how important it is, ha ha, mainly I don’t understand. No SEO site can not catch a large number of users, rare IP absolutely no income ah. Recently a friend and gave me some free tutorials I must learn recently, mainly do several core keywords, such as Wangzhuan forum, forum.

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