Some problems should be paid attention to when enterprises carry out meager marketing

micro-blog as a form of media tools, in society has completely taken on the effectiveness of media communication, with relevant statistics. In 2010, China’s Micro blog users reached 63 million 110 thousand, accounting for 13.8% of the number of Internet users. Tencent, Sohu, Sina high-profile war, micro-blog has become a fully deserve a hotly contested spot. Small proportion of marketing occupies more and more big, with the micro fan increases rapidly, with micro-blog itself as a media, 2011 micro marketing based on micro-blog will become a lot of enterprises to establish a corporate image, improve product visibility, a sword to expand market share, is definitely the next marketing one of how awesome! Fun "Bib", to make it more awesome? Some problems need to pay attention to the marketing of small


1: image building

image is the best endorsement, people dress, packaging products, the appearance of the site is one of the factors that attract people eyeball, so we need to take the "decoration" of our meager Oh, keep it clean and unified. Reflect clean and generous, so that users can feel a sense of comfort and trust. Make you stand out from the crowd. In addition, sina Tencent such as micro-blog platform more, so we head in the opening time, individual domain name and background settings must maintain consistency, so specific, more conducive to enterprise product promotion.

two, information dissemination,

The simplicity, effectiveness, and value of

‘s dissemination of information have a definite objective, and if they are communicated to consumers with confusion or excessive information, they are sure to avoid it. Therefore, to product positioning, clear objectives, keep your brand clear, focused, very important. Specialize in, think Baidu focused on the search, the Alibaba focused on electronic commerce, they always keep it simple. But micro-blog is characterized by maximum spread 140 words, so you must make it clear that the dissemination of the contents of 140 words, it is the need to extract valuable information, because only the valuable information, the audience was willing to share with the audience to resonate, so there are more and more people to share to discuss. Therefore, you can further spread your information, but also strengthen the target population of brand memory and identity. Of course, pay attention to the two points in front, I think the information must be effective, good faith, if not, then lost the original intention.

three, strong backing,

A little behind the

must have a strong backing, meager backing is the quality of fans and the number of levels of the fans, they forwarded comments with a ten, ten hundred, hundred thousand spread speed, especially the "celebrity" attention, the effect is more important. In the early days of micro-blog marketing, because of the fan less, it is difficult to understand the micro-blog marketing sense of joy and fulfillment, only a certain group of fans, from the media to form their own, so in the process of dissemination of information in order to achieve the purpose of brand communication, so stick > in the early stage

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