From net friend see small fish incident lead stationmaster thinking

fish community, is an image, is a window of Xiamen! On the fish, is a kind of habit, I was like that, most of the Yuyu should also like this. I won’t leave as moderators and leave the fish. I believe that most Yuyu won’t, but I’m not sure not because of the change of fish leave the fish, if it and I expect estrangement, I will leave, even if it is a habit. Because the habit can be changed and


hopes that the fish community in the establishment of the purpose, continue to work hard, don’t let 110 thousand people Yuyu down! I hope new fish Lake community small fish in the old management team under the leadership of the community can thrive, accumulate steadily, create a new world of


it is said that the fish 05 years ago are clean and have no time. I am eager to see it again – clear, clean, fish swimming ponds,


reproduced the original text:, tid=2556& extra=page%3D1


let us know more about the Xiamen fish development in recent years, a small community has raised questions about the development mode of the whole network community forum webmaster circles, source website development? The user experience? Business oriented website? Website feedback to the user? Website forum management and management mechanism of how? A better guide to our user, these problems, should cause our further thinking! The webmaster ( of common concern with you! Do you as a webmaster, see what



in the morning, one of the most well-known regional forum was Xiamen fish community moderator resigned. After many investigation determined that smell is not true, and is already signs. It is said that recently in this region a new forum, named Xiamen registered fish altar community, seems to Xiamen fish community and tit for tat, after careful observation style, and fish community. However, most of the webmaster is exactly the same, with the original ID fish community moderator ID, instead of fish community moderator column fish community seems almost blank, the original management team quit so far, opposite trend is What is done cannot be undone.


had heard that Xiamen local forum fish community popular, tens of thousands of members of the public, no other local forum can match. Due to the limitation of registration, must have the invitation code can be registered, and the invitation code must be in the community has a certain qualifications or something to have therefore, for people outside of the forum, the account is often difficult to find a number of fish. A year ago, thanks to the XX brothers passion gift invitation code, I have the honour to become a member of the fish community has been quietly concerned about a lot of fish, and the information obtained from the community, asked many questions, get Yuyu enthusiastic help and support.

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