City dating network will be the hottest part of the local website

city dating network will be the hottest

on local websites

now, there is a saying like this: "the local website is king."". What does this mean? It means that the national, popular sites are saturated, and if there is no strong money backing, it will be difficult for them to have a successful website. Local website competition is small, profit, has become the current personal webmaster into the target, at the moment of local grass-roots, can be described as "Warlords, Longshehunza, in this chaotic network arena, I want to fight a local network the leader to play it, so I have a Foshan Lily network ( I think, in the choice of many local websites, city friends have become the most sought after piece. How do you see that,


, a national marriage dating network has not entered the country, even if the main, but also take into account not every city, where the base areas are not strong.

two, what word of mouth network, 58 city, 100 networks in the local friends, this one did not carry too much publicity and investment, their main direction and breakthrough point, or do real estate and city transactions.

three, profit model more.

perhaps there are many webmaster doing city dating sites, but many people do not know much about the profit model of dating websites. Here’s my profit model for dating sites.

one, membership fee. With the popularity of computer networks, the gradual improvement of living standards, and constantly accelerating the pace of life, online dating, marriage has become a modern way of life and habits. On the Internet to make friends, friends, rich people, people are there, they will not be stingy with this little bit of membership fees.

two, offline membership activities. Networking is now happening, and networking is the most successful activity on the internet. Engage in activities, if done well, the income of needless to say, as long as their brains, find some sponsors such as, this is definitely a considerable income.

three, advertising revenue. Marriage, dating station, the main site you have a certain membership, you go to those wedding studio and wedding company to contact advertising, will soon be able to talk about. It’s called advertising counterpart. Wedding and wedding company advertising in the dating network and a comprehensive local information harbor received advertising effect is quite different. They prefer to make their ads online.

four, offline magazine. In Foshan, there are some Department of gynaecology, venereal diseases, hospitals, printed entertainment magazines all over the place, free of charge. I also want to see the occasional Laiyier. Open their magazines, the contents of the empty, are copied from the Internet a few hot articles, and then mixed in their gynecological, sexually transmitted diseases advertising. But the rate of reading for such free magazines is very high. Why? Because the magazine is free, no money, pass a Book

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