Jiangxi webmaster conference Ganzhou line a webmaster elder sister’s emotion

December 21, 2008, the first broadcast by Saiyi Jiang launched the Jiangxi Taiqing Ganzhou first session of the general assembly webmaster. I am honored to attend the conference.

it was an unprecedented assembly and a successful congress. The first time to see so many IT top cattle, let my heart lake after another, for a long time can not quell. I am the oldest female member of the conference. In fact, I am not the webmaster, just inside every one. I feel so relieved to have so many webmaster around me.

since 2001, when my Ganzhou bus company appeared in the unmanned ticketing vehicle, I became a hindrance to the company. A unit for reducing the burden, and mobilize our retirement. After retirement employees can send one hundred yuan monthly living expenses. Since my daughter was going to college, it was important for me to find a way out. I decided to make a choice of retirement. After I had no job, I thought for a long time: what to do? Finally, I took my daughter’s advice and opened a typing and copying room. In retrospect, the choice at that time was very blind, and the blind choice changed the fate of the rest of my life. It was this decision that made me participate in the conference today. From a conductor who didn’t type at that time, today I had my own personal website, where I did a lot of twists and turns that no one else could imagine.

This is from my home work began in Haikou Meng Meng is

when the real access to the website construction. Meng Meng due to untimely death, she left a lot of books go after her husband Xiao Fan in order to complete her wish, built a memorial professor meng. I just printed her manuscript for her at her house. Because the station time plus the lack of experience, the original site not only by the limitations of words in the message, and the message limit, that is to say when leaving more than 500, put in front of the message has been deleted, the 500 message. So Comrade Xiao Fan called me to Haikou, looking for a station company, I walked a lot of home, there is a competitive opening ten thousand yuan. I want to make a personal website, really want so much money? Put a FLASH on the front page of the page (image page) to one thousand yuan? My name is Xiao teacher temporarily abandon redevelopment plan, I said, until one day, I help Meng Mengjian a website you satisfied. From that day on, I started my IT road. Ask the net friend, search the study material everywhere on the net. Finally helped Xiao teacher’s wife to build a website. It also removes his worries.

at the meeting so many webmaster before, to introduce my learning experience really feel display slight skill before an expert. Actually, I’m not a big shot. I just want my behavior to infect the next generation. I have never told two people, one: Gambling; second: cheat for students who have neither learning nor skill. So, I don’t gamble, two don’t cheat. Have also developed the habit of learning on the internet. Today, the economic crisis sweeping across the world, the employment of college students in China is also facing enormous pressure. How do we deal with this at the moment?

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