Advertising alliance disputes who will pay for this

for advertising alliance, webmaster are very familiar with, many Adsense rely on alliance, income is very impressive. But disputes about alliances are also common, repeated, no matter what kind of alliance, regardless of reputation, there will always be disputes. Because the alliance and the alliance between the owners of different positions, to maintain the focus of different disputes can not be avoided naturally.

doesn’t talk about big alliances like Baidu and Google. They talk about small leagues that webmasters come into contact with each day. Will many webmaster do consider each other’s Credit Union, will deduct the amount, will K out of account, will pay cost, this is a very real problem, the key is often dispute.

arguably, if both sides of the alliance and the webmaster do good faith, there should be no dispute, but the issue of interest is not everyone’s sober. For the alliance, the unspoken rules of the industry is the amount of deduction, and this seems to have been acquiesced, as long as not too much, but there is no payment on time, that is the credibility of the problem. For the alliance, if the webmaster’s click can not bring it effective traffic and transformation, the alliance will feel very poor pay, do not want to pay the cost. So find an excuse, said the webmaster cheating, brush flow, the two sides began to argue up.

alliance and webmaster for traffic have their own way of detection, the rate of effective click rate also have a certain standard. Because the standard is different, the conclusions are different, and the purpose of each other is to safeguard their rights and interests. From their own point of view, there is some truth that can be justified, so the dispute is not easy to solve.

22, in A5 forum, stir up the most exciting is about "double advertising Union and Guo Yujiao" dispute between the union. Website alliance hits Guo webmaster a click is more than 50 thousand, and two hits only 107, two clicks are effective click union rate hits but to pay 50 thousand of the league, so in accordance with the standard 80 yuan 1000 hits, the League will be paid to Guo owners more than 4000 of RMB. But as a double League, the percentage of hits between these one or two hits is unusual. However, Guo said that he did not exist cheating, his website IP hundreds of thousands of days, this data is entirely possible, you can accept software testing……

this problem in the A5 forum was fired very lively, right and wrong, the webmaster has his own judgment. As a webmaster there are often infringed encounters, many owners complain without the door, so the owners of the rights Guo by many webmaster support, the new account accounts together, regardless of whether they have been treated unfairly in this league, all want to vent, and some people even just watch, booing. For a time, a fanfare, spectacular.

as a webmaster, the experience of such a problem is indeed very depressed, hard to hang advertising alliance, the results were sealed

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