Analysis of experience and skills of domain name selection in website operation

recently and some friends talk, a little problem found in talking, and these small problems are often neglected in our daily work, domain name for the site of the optimization in the end there is no help? Is embodied in these aspects? The former always listen to make friends, to choose a website a good domain name is easy to remember, so the domain name for the website optimization, what are the requirements? What help for the website optimization? The author for these problems one by one that has any objection please correct me, in the exchange.


the rules of the domain names selected by different industries are different. What kind of domain name is suitable for the SEO domain name? The help of the domain name for the website optimization is summarized as follows:

brand promotion

The choice of

domain name helps the promotion of the brand, study the domain name of stationmaster net and stationmaster station, discover their domain name formula structure is: "domain name = English + numeral or letter" mode. For example, Taobao chooses domain name for Chinese characters spelling, it not only makes people easy to remember, there are great publicity for brand promotion. After seeing many webmaster in choosing domain name, in order to reflect self-worth, and ignore this value.

is good for optimizing

from a search engine point of view, the domain name contains the keyword is helpful for the optimization of the site work, so when choosing a domain name, must take the optimization of keywords to domain name, if you can distinguish this is more conducive to search engine recognition site theme, secondly in many web directory inside, many sites do not bother to extract your site keyword, it plays a great role in identifying the domain name. Of course, domain names will also encounter domain names that have been written off. Users need to choose carefully and never pick the domain names that have been penalized.

industry relevance

for the website to select a related domain name is helpful for the optimization of the site, take 365 group for example illustrate, optimization keywords into 365 group, for the site selected domain name domain name, so there is a 365 optimized keywords contains 365 correlation closely, so that no do optimization group of 365 ranked Baidu home page. There are many similar cases, is not listed here, the focus is careful optimization and execution, the domain name keyword related to help website rankings.

The above summarizes the advantages of the

domain, so that the owners or enterprises in the selection of domain name, we must pay attention to the above points, you might have different views on some of my explanation, here you can welcome message to tell me, I can tell you I promise is a must see each comment, welcome you and SEOer make friends.

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