Easy to sprint three new board backed by music as she can the Jedi rebirth

sina finance three new board news travel time ago is completely brush the screen for a week. July 22nd, China excellent car listed three new board is to make a market, the first week of market capitalization of 45 billion; in July 28th about the legalization of the car out of the way; in the year of August 1st announced the acquisition of excellent step china.

drops yuho show of affection, a divine first too. So, back to the music as easy to car what action? Yes, he also want to finance 4 billion, into the new board!

valuation of 17 billion yuan to be easy to finance 4 billion next year listed on the new board

according to media reports, easy to car is about to announce a new round of financing plan to be raised 4 billion, subscription threshold of $50 million and above. Informed sources said that the funds are mainly used for operating subsidies, marketing and ecological synergies, the platform to build and optimize the background system and supplement liquidity four aspects. At the same time, easy to dismantle the VIE back to the domestic capital market structure go forward with great strength and vigour, to be held next year listed on the new board, the future with its gradually achieve profitability may also choose the way to login via IPO or backdoor A stock market.

at present, easy to vote before the valuation of 17 billion, compared to the Chinese excellent car currently in the new three board market valuation of 43 billion 100 million is still in depression. According to iResearch released data show that in May 30th one week to book the total number of Uber for 12 million 868 thousand and 200 times, 8 million 775 thousand and 100 times, 1 million 427 thousand and 300 times for the Shenzhou car. Of course, the Shenzhou B2C model also determines that it is going to be high customer price, high single net profit line.

drops with excellent step the car is easy to burn the soul of controversial

easy to car founder Zhou Hang is the earliest business car market makers. In 2010, Zhou hang founded easy to car, car market became the pioneer and leader. But as the industry pioneer, easy to most conflicts with traditional taxi competition. 2015, drops, fast, and step with the capital began to approach and quickly occupied the market, in August 1st this year, Didi went besmeared with blood, travel industry announced the acquisition of yuho China, "War Within Three Kingdoms" pattern was officially formed.

relay UBER, easy to use 150% charge back waves extinguished high car, 50% cash back +100% eco gift." In pieces and announced the merger, many consumers worry about step car travel costs will be due to the lack of subsidies and rising, in August 3rd, the "second market" easy to car efforts launched a strong preferential activities.

Easy to offer

binding music as ecological spree attracted a large number of users to participate in. But the enthusiasm has not yet had time to digest, many users found that they use cash coupons in music as mall, orders are visual aspects of music and music are locked, explanation for "suspected cattle orders".


survey found that the encounter order is locked situation of users, has more than 20 single buy, also have the same account to buy two units, more.

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