A grassroots webmaster some thinking with new friends to share

webmaster friends, do you understand PS? Do you understand FLASH? Do you understand HTML? Can you use DW? Will you use CMS? Will you install the forum?……

maybe you’ll say, I’ve mastered it, I got it a few years ago, but I’m not ready yet,

maybe you’ll say I don’t understand yet. I’m ready to learn to stand,


for the first type of person, you may be not suitable for the station, you still diverted to do the boss! For second types of people, you can do it right now! If you want to set up the forum, you spend a day to the forum’s official website will bubble, second days to buy a space, then can start, then problems encountered on the way to ask a friend, if not LOGO, spend 50 to 100 yuan please do a high quality LOGO, no program, forum program will give you up, you just need to put the data together, you want to do classification information of the station, you can use CMS. Now, many CMS programs are perfect!

in fact, a lot of people are doing that. How many of us come to Admin5 every day, and how many of us have earned revenue from websites or networks?

we all worked very hard. Why didn’t we have any income,


I have seen a friend who is standing around. His practice should be of some reference value to those who want to make quick stop and make quick money.

street, is now responsible for the Admin5 IDC forum, he recently did Xiao Shenyang’s website, spent about 1 months, the cost of about 400 yuan, do website 5000IP, every GG10 knife, Ali mother 6 yuan of money, the station sold 5000 a few days ago, hold back a preparation the cow is HP notebook. He is going to do a Tibet tickets website now, has been nearly three days.


, he talked to me about what he did for the station," he said. Do you want to do the first Baidu Jay Chou, now is very difficult, but if you do "gossip is a" very fast, can do it first, but search less, no value. Can only do that kind of Baidu index is relatively high, but do less people keywords. Although scold what Baidu what, but, I think, your station was Baidu included, and can’t explain you are very cattle, but Baidu does not include you, you absolutely can’t get up. After all, there are so many people looking for things through Baidu. As long as you do not violate Baidu’s rules of the game, do a good job station, there will be a good ranking.

today I see in the morning, he asked me, in the whole code, you will do, he said, no, he used way is to use a notebook to write down a find, a test! Said very directly, he did not understand technology, from a technical point of view, he is a rookie! But is able to make money through the network


for this example, friends might say, "on such a website, you can’t say he’s strong, then we’re together!"

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