Do not make strange links in the construction of the chain

recently ZAC’s SEO ranking moved, everyone should know, there may be several reasons, one of which is garbage outside the possibility of framing, although not sure, this is one of the factors. Junk links can be set up your ranking, we can see the previous article on Cheng Yi opponents can through illegal means to frame your website? Here, Cheng Yi want to say is, why would someone do strange


ZAC in his article on the point is about sending spam links that had indeed been made, or this is just a test, whether it is not important! But in reality it was strange in the chain chain construction, Cheng Yi sees a strange link there are several:

1. title with web site, such as: the construction of the chain, please don’t do strange links,, so. This kind of link seems to increase Baidu’s related domain in a short time, whether it can influence the ranking is not obvious, and most importantly, it becomes junk link finally. This has a friend in the video class title on a large number of applications, no effect!


2. had no signs of suddenly independent web site or anchor text, the URL is actually not much effect, this kind of form in the sale of the links in the most common, they send the article and keywords are not related, can be said to be inserted into the hard living. Whether this can be included is a problem, and perhaps Daliang is judged to be spam. Some people may say that the soft text and copyright information at the bottom of the article, this is actually the search and approval of the rules, as long as the relevant, are valid.

3. forum, blog and other comments in the content of pure URL or anchor text, here is said non signature class or name class. Everyone knows that in the comment box to leave the site is not liked, not because it will disperse the weight of other people’s site, but this is a kind of garbage making behavior, so no one likes it. In some three stream forums, you can place a large number of URLs in your comments, all of which are judged to be spam links.

4. in some management is not strict forum or comments can be used to hide the link, so some people will use a lot of, do not give customers see only to search links, can be a good link? Sometimes it is really very strange, this mood, why not go to the party to do a good correlation

links?The use of

5. software link group link, using this method, Cheng Yi is very funny! In a word, network information discovery, making the link is not so easy, the black list and the search mechanism is very perfect, the software can create a large number of links are rubbish look at the post, mechanism of good forum forum and rubbish can be seen. With this effort, Yi Yi proposal or good registration related good forum, keep an account,

!More than

is Cheng Yi, often sees some strange link way, possibly also >

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