Stationmaster oneself quality nurturance plan one’s own website seriously

many people have been doing web sites for many years, and their incomes are still low and they can’t support themselves. Many reasons, but there must be some people because things love procrastination, love to steal three pick four, there are good ideas, but there is no execution. To do a good job in the website search engine optimization at the same time, the owners should pay attention to their personal qualities, if their quality did not keep up, the site can to some extent is probably the biggest bottleneck is the webmaster itself. About how the webmaster can improve his knowledge and ability, talk about my personal views of the most simple, there are three elements: personal schedule, reading, diary.

personal schedule: simply, write down what you’re going to do every day. Many owners of life are extremely irregular, sleep by day and work at night, a lot of time on computer to do what is the day time is spent in the above, a very important point of these phenomena is the webmaster too lazy undisciplined. Regular lifestyle is not only good for the health of the station owner, but also the most efficient work. It saves a lot of time for reading or reading with your family. I think we must write a personal timetable for an additional four points, the first to write a few points up, second write some work, some work is completed, third reading, writing diaries four points. There is the individual must conscientiously carry out, or else written, also white.

read: Nowadays more and more people don’t like reading, but reading is a very good habit, because reading can make people think and read. I don’t know much of what I believe there are more than eighty percent through reading to read, the more will have their own views on certain things, these views will not only make your soft Wen write faster, more important is to be able to talk when you talk to people, or speech. As to what book to read, I think what kind of book I want to be. It’s like that, what kind of person you want to be and what kind of person you’re going to be.

diary: now people are too impetuous, can keep a diary every day few people, in my current observation, I keep writing diary, can persist for more than a few years. I believe I can understand the importance of writing diary is better, adhere to, and many times he has often been asleep, but remember not write a diary at night, will climb up, and then seriously write a diary. There are three advantages to keeping a diary. The first one is to arrange the specific work plan for tomorrow. The second point is to record today’s important things and feelings, and the third is the most important thing that can make me feel calm and think about things. I now develop a conditioned reflex, once opened diary, will be a lot of peace of mind, analysis of things will be objective, sensible, many emotions. The most important thing about writing a few days is not to keep an emotional diary, but to keep an objective diary. The three points of conversation are the simplest three acts, but a few will take it seriously, and we all know that a regular life is the best and most efficient.

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