On the necessary and sufficient conditions for the success of personal Adsense website

is a foreign proverb called all roads lead to Rome, the construction site is the same, there are many ways to success, but only one goal, that is to make the site profitable. Here I will combine their experience with you about what is a necessary and sufficient condition for the success of the website operators, which have a few. This is the necessary and sufficient conditions of mathematical terms, it is necessary and sufficient conditions, that is to say website operation method is correct, but the content of the website is better, or to guide others to your own website up, to the last people to see one eye, never came again, it could be you completed the sufficient condition the necessary conditions, has not been completed, I have to give you a summary of the necessary and sufficient conditions for the success of the


Article 1: website theme

why should the theme of the site in the first place? It is very important for this reason, Sina, Sohu and the NetEase, and the Tencent recently why can succeed, not because of their choice is website portal, still can succeed, do portals like Taobao, and Baidu! In fact, these themes are good but now, if you want to do a personal webmaster portal, an e-commerce or search engine, then you have to get a few million or tens of millions is such a web site, so the theme depends on how do you choose, for individual webmaster choose theme is not too big, but should be fine, to fine, can not be large, but small and specialized, so that they will have their own space to play, this is your website

sufficient and necessary conditions for success!

second: set up team

personal Adsense energy after all is very small, a tango, a chopstick can easily be broken, so the combination of a team, the team will then always to a target to do, then play the energy is infinite, when you start building a web site, the first step we cannot do without planning, technology development and website after testing and promotion and related marketing, these are needed to do, if it is a person to do such work is difficult to achieve, so like Baidu, Google and Sina Sohu can success is because there are thousands of sufficient team! So the website development team


third: people-oriented,

Many people

website SEO optimization the main purpose is to let the search engines love, but sometimes when the search engine and user experience contradicts many webmaster often choose is the search engine, but for a web site users do not care about how to keep the user’s heart? If your site has no user the search engine will come to your website you every day? So the user will grasp the search engine! Should be people-oriented, people-oriented is so necessary and sufficient conditions for the success of the website


fourth: site positioning clear,

you need to have a clear orientation before you build a website. What groups of people do you want to serve on your site?

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