To do business requires eyes a network and a good eye

Open the QQ

today to see old classmates, he gave a lot of good shots before QQ to me, asked if I don’t remember! Of course I remember, these are we long ago have, used to play! Now these are where? Not one if used! The former, until now, we can also earn a little money. I now realize, but we do not do not work hard, but we are lacking in good vision, and advanced meaning.

in the Internet such things too much, more than 10 years ago to register a good domain name is very simple! But you did not grasp the opportunity! More than 10 years ago registered a 5 bit and 6 bit QQ is also not what difficult! But you are registered to use once I forgot! Remember Li Jiacheng once said: "in order to advance the vision step by step ahead, the gap in the market to win! As a new thing, only 5% of the people know to do, this is the opportunity to do early is the opportunity, regardless of what industry, when there are 50% people know when you do a consumer to go. When more than 50%, you don’t have to go to see the


here you must think I’m what to sell products, not really! I am very confused, do all day in front of the computer! With his computer, seemed very tired and busy! Busy but not busy for so many years, what tricks. I want to and I like the webmaster should also There are plenty of people who. Today I want to say is, whether we should calm down, let oneself think! The things we do, whether it is a promising thing? Think about the re start! Or find one you think in 10 years or 20 years will become very powerful products to try! The webmaster general assembly, are not to look at the mobile Internet mobile Internet? What is it, in N years will become very scarce? I haven’t thought of! Hope friends can think through the leak news to me! I do now this small local forum ( is really not much the future. Thank you,


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