Talking about the way to download a novel Episode 1

actually, I didn’t download novels at first. I have to tell you how I started to relate to the network gradually. What I’m talking about here is mainly network marketing, network promotion, network editing, and website profit and ranking. The explanation is also afraid of misunderstanding.

was involved in the construction of a website when he was a teacher in high school. I can now say that I was able to get into the Internet, mainly because he gave me an important piece of information. Remember, he said, "people can’t do everything, but you have to do one thing.". For example, myself, although I’m not a good teacher, I’m doing well, and to some extent, I’m earning three times as much money as their excellent teachers a month. The website I run now has an average of about more than 5000 of revenue a month, and if so, it can reach 7000.

I admit, I was his words stimulated, and determination in the heart secretly, I also want to make a station, and to do a good. 5000 a month is not a small number, and almost do not have what thing to do, sit there money, there is no cheaper than this thing (although later confirmed that this idea is wrong, in fact, the master is very tired).

from then on, I began to gradually understand the industry, to understand the information about it. By the time I went to college, I had more spare time, which gave me the possibility of standing. All right. Say, do, do. My love is not a procrastinator. My first choice is literature. It is mainly related to my own hobbies and writing ability. I think to do a good job, first of all, we should be enough to like it, enough to understand the industry. This is also the first step to success.

a week later, my literary Station on the line on time, was really happy, very excited, and its future is full of unlimited reverie. But in fact, many things are not what we imagine. The development of the website is not smooth sailing. Maybe I don’t know enough. I haven’t been able to develop my website in a few days. It doesn’t satisfy my needs. Well, yes, the program is wrong. Also because of this, the flow has been no improvement, so, I bite the teeth, then redo it, choose a powerful program from the new, just like the starting point.

so, that’s why I’m back to where I started. After a thorough analysis and planning, the second sites will be on the line again. This time. I inwardly rejoiced. This is my ideal website. But a friend reminded me, "he said," there is no potential for pure literature. Why don’t you do a novel? I think about it. I think he has a point there. Well, now, pure literature doesn’t have a future. In front of the station is also a warning.

well, fiction is fiction then. Thus, it becomes a novel station

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