Mulberry wood webmaster should learn to create their own brand of soft Wen

no matter what you do, you must start creating your own brand. In the Internet world, as long as you create your own soft text brand, then every time you have a new article out, there will be a large number of old readers quickly to read your article. In this case, your soft text promotion effect will be twice the result with half the effort.

has a website brand, such as Sina and NetEase. Buy milk powder has its own brand, such as Sanlu, Mengniu like this (joking, huh, huh). So some soft Wen, best also want to create your own brand.

on how to create their own brand, Wang Tong had a very detailed description of the article (Wang Tong is not a liar is not discussed here, but his personal brand is indeed very successful, if you look at his article, will find that he has a lot of worth our learning place), specific original I do not find, interested students can go online to search. The approximate number is

1. is only possible to go to major websites to blog, it is best to open columns, painted your ability to compare words.

2. bring your own name at the beginning of each article. This is I do ah, you look at me now every article with mulberry wood, the three characters of mulberry wood is what I want to create a personal brand. But the link is best not to take their station, for example, if I am with this article on my site, you will call me, (that who take your stinking egg rotten leaves away, I still have a lot of this eat ah). And you see, Sina celebrity blog, but that is a super powerful personal soft brand ah.

3. to write useful things, don’t let you see your article and scold you. Ha ha, this last one is my own thinking,. But there will still be many people call me fradulent.

no matter what time to create their own brand is not late, so from now on, to marry a famous name, the name to sell. Then you will find that you will quickly through the soft text to improve your popularity, through your popularity, to your site to bring traffic and popularity. As the image of the king, punk, and not swim like fish, make your own website grow up.

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