Website day P over twenty thousand need to adhere to updated daily and pseudo original

I’ve been in touch with websites since I was in high school, and my dream is to have a website of my own, huh?. Since I make up my mind to start, I keep my pocket money every day. I want to use the money to build my own dream.

, of course, of course website cannot do without communicating with people, "stand alone" and the words fraught with grim possibilities, very classic "unity is strength". While preparing the funds, I learned a lot through A5. Through the A5, I learned a lot of experience of standing. Enough money, it’s time for me to do a real job.

used to be an armchair strategist. It’s easy to say, but it’s not easy to do. I chose to do is the content of the network, site of the early stage, I really full of confidence and morale. Every day up teeth do not wash your face, and immediately open the computer to find content constantly copy, copy endless. Site also almost 1 months, not to Baidu included, when really face frustrated. I gave up my website for a few weeks, and it was hard for me to let go of my dreams. So what was my previous effort?. Open the computer at the website update date up more than a month, it looks really cool, so reluctant to discard. A chance encounter, I saw a senior author wrote an article, there is a sentence deep influence me, "do stand in your persistence, as long as you pay, no regrets."". I pay so much, I do not want to cast to waste. Set a new heart, from the beginning, not successful, nor regret.

through the A5 forum, I know to do web site promotion, I still have some doubts at the beginning, but try it to no harm. I registered Baidu account answer one day the answer in the know and post, I found it really can give me a little flow. It looks very effective. I desperately ah, because the release is a little not the actual content of the answer, back to read a post, content to delete the last block to seal up (we must pay attention to Oh, this place to do some Baidu promotion must have a degree).

a week later, I hope Baidu included my station finally hope. The station is included, but the number is included in the one or two pages, the teacher did not often say, a pay a harvest! How can I pay so much harvest (the reality is this, not necessarily a pay a harvest, but we must know not to pay certain no gain). I’m looking for reasons in A5. Later, a lot of enthusiastic friends told me that Baidu likes originality, even if you don’t write it so many times, you have to be original. In this sentence, I know why the inclusion of less reason.


knew the answer, I started learning pseudo originality. How fake? In fact, a lot of ways. I always use a good level of English, put some words into the English behind the extra explanation. In this way, I also improved my English in pseudo original. This approach greatly reduces the number of content, but I think it should be Baidu, they will be >

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