Web Analytics 4 factors affecting user experience

with the continuous development of Internet products, more and more people are aware of the importance of user experience, more and more companies have set up UED related departments, and the division of Posts has been quite meticulous. However, the division of functions in UED is mostly only the interface level. In fact, an Internet product from the emergence of the strategy to the final line, where each link may affect the final experience. To sum up, the author believes that there are 4 important factors that will have a significant impact on the final experience. They are: product strategy, user interface, technology and operations.

said the following 4 factors. While explaining each factor, 2 examples related to the factor are cited. One is an example of the Internet, and the other is a similar example of everyday life. All involved in the case, only I can see the level (which means that I have described, I can’t see the level, may be a reasonable approach, or have difficulties), in order to explain the problems and settings, and on behalf of my personal point of view.

1, product strategy (corresponding position: Product Manager)


strategy is the soul of the product. Product strategy not only determines the specific function of the product, but also has a significant impact on the experience. Bad tactics can hurt user experience.

Web example: Tencent patted the receipt reminder

I bought a product at the Tencent pat on the day when the product was shipped, I logged on to QQ and saw a reminder:


is reminding me that the seller has shipped the goods. As this item was shipped from Guangzhou, it took about 3 days for the general express company to go to Beijing, so I ignored the warning.

but the tragedy is that, on the second day of delivery, I still see this reminder when I log on to QQ again. The same hints, which appear to be logged in every day, have actually caused harassment to users. But the problem is, I don’t want to confirm the receipt, but my goods are still on the road, I have no way to confirm receipt". So I think, if I were not careful with the Chinese postal road surface, 20 days, 20 consecutive days do I have to see the same tips please… ? or, my goods have been what kind of flash floods, earthquake not occur even in a hundred years, was held a few days on the road. At this time, I was already very depressed, but I still have to face this annoying reminder every day. And there is no obvious "message settings" entry on this interface, and I don’t know if I can turn off the hint and how to turn it off.

this is obviously an experience problem due to product strategy.


so, how do I design this receipt reminder? Maybe everyone has different ideas, I think >

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