From Silicon Valley darling to trouble ridden the Evernote to fall inside

[Abstract] there are some indications that Evernote will become a "sick Unicorn"".

from Silicon Valley darling to trouble ridden: Evernote to fall inside

BI Chinese station on October 5th reported

2012, notes application Evernote (impression notes) has become one of the first "unicorn" start-up companies, valuation exceeded $1 billion. That year, the number of registered users of more than 30 million Evernote, the total financing of more than $270 million, and is believed to be successful in the next few years.

three years later, the situation does not seem to be expected. According to the BI on the company’s number of employees and former employees to understand, although this year the number of registered users exceeded 150 million, but the commercialization of Evernote is very slow, but also began layoffs and cut costs.

Evernote layoffs in the past 9 months, about 18%, while last week announced that it will close the world’s 10 offices in the 3. Earlier this year, the company CEO Phil · (Phil Libin); ribbing left, and Google (micro-blog) executive Chris · O’neal (Chris O’Neil) became the successor.

a source said: "the future will be a difficult road. They want to be listed, and in order to achieve this goal, they must focus on income, so the money can be a higher priority."

According to the different positions of

, Evernote, in some people’s eyes, is a sinking ship, while others seem to be a company that is undergoing a transformation and gradually maturing. However, in our interview, most people believe that Evernote failed to grasp the advantages of the high growth period, and access to income through a huge user base. There are some indications that Evernote will become a sick unicorn".

review past experience, you can see the Evernote has encountered severe challenges, and such challenges will lead to the most popular startups deviate from the right track.

error priority

more than Evernote employees believe that the lack of a clear focus on the impact of the growth of Evernote. The company does not focus on the core of the notes products, as well as efforts to convert free users to paid users. Evernote spent more time to develop new products and new features to get the media exposure.

, for example, at the beginning of 2014, TechCrunch Evernote, a journalist who wrote an article criticizing the defective product. Ribbing quickly to deal with this problem, even personally with the reporter made contact, and at one time the staff of the General Assembly on improving > swear

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