Sell QQ number how can you earn ten thousand yuan per month

as long as they are friends on the Internet, I believe everyone has a QQ number. However, we only know that the QQ number is free to register, but I do not know this QQ number can not only buy money, but also earn money. Today, Shao Lianhu blogs tell you how to make money by selling QQ numbers.

some time ago, Shao Lianhu wrote an article called "talk about those who earn QQ one hundred thousand.". This article I said, selling QQ years earn one hundred thousand, I also say less, sold a few years ago QQ number, a year to earn millions of. I have no bragging force, believe it or not, that is your problem, the controversy is not interesting, anyway, people earn money with us half a dime also does not matter.

since that article was finished, a lot of netizens add my QQ number, ask me to sell QQ number, those people’s QQ is from where, is their own registration, or how to get?. I know, many friends also want to earn QQ number to make money. However, although the sale of QQ number is not more than before, and now sell QQ number is still profitable.

since a lot of friends want to sell QQ to make money, if I don’t tell you how to operate it, it will be too out of the ordinary. Today, Shao Lianhu blog put some process selling QQ in detail and tell you that, if you want to do, can according to what I say, can not understand the Shao Lianhu blog for me, I will help answer some questions that you don’t know.

sells QQ to make money, where does QQ come from,


since it is selling QQ number, we have to have QQ number, you can, so, below to say we get the QQ number of methods:

1, register for QQ number

before I sold QQ number, there is a technical personnel, people apply for tens of thousands of QQ hours an hour, I am directly responsible for the sale in Taobao will be ok. But now that the Tencent restrictions are tight, I’m afraid it’s not realistic to apply for technology or software. So you have to manually apply for the QQ number.

, however, there is a limit to the number of QQ applications for mobile phones. A person can’t apply for several applications a day. Before the application of the method is the computer for IP, now do not know can not, we can put down. Also, if you can’t apply for a single person, you can spend money to find someone else to apply for, give them money, you can publish tasks in some Witkey network, find someone to do.

if you are manually apply for QQ number, no matter how you apply, and now apply for ten digit QQ number, the nine digit is almost No. Some selling QQ, they have five, six, seven, eight are there, and the sun, there are security number, couple number, even so many categories. If these QQ estimates manually are not available, you may also apply for a good number.

2, buy QQ number, and then resell

you can, see someone else’s QQ number, so you can pay for it. For example, some people have the QQ number >

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