Some suggestions on the absolute value of the Tao

the first to talk about my personal Taobao passenger journey, 08 years in late 12, occasionally heard that "Tao" is a word, (well, was not changed to "Taobao guest"), hey, choose the Christmas Eve such a beautiful night to join Taobao off the army……

began to just play with the psychological, in Ali’s mother’s forum, read a lot of Taobao predecessors articles, learned some experience. Casually search for a few weight loss products to do promotion (well, this is a big hot), I did not expect to open in December 28th to see a mother, actually have 100+ commission income, happy to death me… Since then, more than a month, has been doing promotion, because without their own Taobao guest website, do very hard (I think a lot of friends are experiencing drip). During this period, the total Commission will add up to more than 1000. In addition, YAHOO just got a NCP heard to be closed, it is not make me lose the first battle, on the establishment of the Liangshan


these days to check some information, make a station, Amoy began a new journey! (please refer to a contribution to


to Ali mother suggested:

sees Ali mom got a "quick clean" sign, and many webmaster applications have not added to their station. In fact, a link to a forum post only brings competition to the webmaster and turns potential customers into competitors. It can be said that this sign is only harmful to the stationmaster. Well, Ali mother, mother benefit, Adsense damage, this kind of thing is doomed to do well. So, Ali mother suggested reference "Alipay special business" logo, built a separate page, with the guest level (or comprehensive guest level, the number of the Commission, promotion activity and a series of indicators) to reflect the depth of cooperation with This is beneficial to the webmaster, Taobao customers are willing to vigorously promote.

of Amoy new recommendations:

has been, there are many new guest friends (in fact, I also just started the real income) always suspicious of others, always complaining that you are a novice, do not understand what. I want to say that this is absolutely unnecessary. In fact, all made with Xianglinsao like the others, also do not want to talk. Any guest is from novice to start, have to pay out your energy and effort!

here is my little experience, and encourage novice:

(1): sanbanfu competitive differentiation, cost leadership, focus on developing competitive business: the father of Michael · Potter

(2): the market segments you start at the beginning, your resources are extremely limited, as well as guest. You are good at writing soft text, and do standing, or other? What resources do you have? Where are your strengths? According to the principle of pressure, concentrate all your energies on one point, >

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