Grassroots stick to it

many grassroots webmaster often complain that their website did not bring profits to themselves, did not succeed. In fact, this is mainly our grassroots own problems.

us a lot of people are holding a profit mentality to do stand, I am no exception, although I just feel very interested in NB as a grassroots webmaster, but I found that in 2009, did not make money not a qualified webmaster webmaster. Grassroots Adsense in this industry, there is no lack of student webmaster, we student webmaster in addition to take home with the cost of living, did not say home with the site needs money, at least I was like this. Because we take out part of the cost of living to buy space and domain names, do stand, just want to make this money can pull some brothers back, so that life can moisten, nourish, fill the gap of food.

now do stand, in the short term want to make big flow of money, the search engine is indispensable, search engine is no longer a good boy before 2007. Now the search engine and temper on the day of June, says to change, a dark and stormy night put our hard 1-2 months stand blocked, and then flow cat urine – drizzle. As a result, advertising alliance cannot earn money, want to stop selling for cash, it is not easy. Because now buy station people look at the station, first see whether included normal, and then care about other, a K of standing in their eyes, it is rubbish. Even if they buy, the price is cheap.

station a K, I believe that many grassroots and I used to change the domain name, or a low price, and some more grumpy webmaster is landing FTP delete, everything is zero.

station K, we need these urgent money grassroots can not continue to do, and can not like some "cattle owners" said, adhere to, and stick to it will be successful. Adhere to this truth, I want to know all the grassroots, but how much can be achieved, anyway, I am very difficult to do. I usually sell websites at a low price, and earn more or less money for living expenses.

Once I had a

station, QQ space, 1800IP/ to do stand in the second month IP, a friend has been chasing me 1500 dollars to buy my station, but I see my station IP rose quickly, $1500 buyout is a pity, no promise, the man asked for I am a week, I have not promised. The station was hoping to buy thousands of dollars to buy their own personal computer, unexpectedly, after only 2 weeks, the station was K, I keep update for 2 weeks did not see the update, finally living on money, to 500 pieces of cheap hands. Let me smile bitterly is, after I changed hands that week, Baidu began to stand out, the site traffic and straight rise. Speechless…… If I could hold on to it for more than 1 weeks, wouldn’t I be able to make more money?

, now my was plucked on the 24 day, and it always leaves the front page, but I >!

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