Adsense Combat new QQ space diary promotion

actual combat: QQ diary promotion

with the development of network marketing, all kinds of online promotion methods are more and more. Such as BBS promotion, blog promotion, mail promotion and so on. There are many methods are tested. As long as there is effect, as a website operation, you can try to promote in their own industry, and sometimes can achieve unexpected results. Because QQ friends, most of the network marketing friends, sometimes found some of them in the use of methods. After pondering over it, I find it helpful to promote some specific products or services. For example, I share today’s QQ diary promotion.

, as we all know, QQ space has recently been upgraded. Therefore, in the space propaganda method, in order to achieve better results, I combined my own actual combat and observed some methods, summed up a total of some conclusions, I hope I can help you.

, let’s look at the back of the QQ space first. As follows:


background is mainly three blocks to note, A area you can see the latest update login space friends. The B block is a showcase for the latest updates. The C block is a display of specific friends trends.

, let’s focus on the A block first. The main thing to see here is the avatar. Therefore, for publicity, we must have a distinctive portrait. If you can, you can choose the text of the avatar, or logo, but personal feelings should have some special pictures better, it is better not to logo, because you may be disgusted. But it’s more important to determine the intentions of your friends.

B block gives us the message is: the summary will be dynamic in the previous 33 words. Therefore, when writing articles, it is best not to write the title of the article, otherwise it will waste part of the text space. Then, these are also attractive to begin with. This can attract friends to a certain extent. If it is a picture, it will also be shown here, so we can design it well for updating the pictures.

below, we focus on the C and D blocks. C block is the official QQ update, we focus on the D, this is to show the specific trend of friends.

is shown below.


here can show, friend or so log. Then there is a summary of about 100 Chinese characters. So the title and the first 100 words are the key. It is easier to attract clicks than the B block. According to the personal experience, the best is here with pictures, people tend to illustrated something more interested, so when the release of the article is best to find relevant and attractive pictures, can go to the Baidu search.

we turn to the B block, >

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