For the webmaster from the garbage station crazy firmly believe that the establishment of Shanxi S

is crazy enough to believe that the clouds are doing regular stations. For the network to create value for their own accumulation of connections and resources!


2008 is here. Is it far in 2009? Time passes quickly and people grow old quickly. It is twenty years old, life or mediocrity, not do cause yifan. Social change is always so fast, science and technology developed, always let us have not had time to think about, already passed, the thinking deserted, has been unable to keep up with the tide, garbage station era has come to an end. Webmaster, you still to operate the dumpster? At the moment, what are you thinking about what to do at home? The old mother in the distant son? Want to pocket money is not always enough to pay his girlfriend why? Why they are not like the son of millionaires? > has always missed the feeling of chasing butterflies when she was on the grass, always smiling. From 2006 into the network, to become a member of a growing family, to the present. Think back, do a few garbage stations, to the network to add a lot of repeated and boring garbage information. Remember the new year home, uncle asked me web site. I squeaked, said there is no web site, I do website is see gap pin, that piece of money to do what block, so there is no fixed web site. My heart was sweaty and I was afraid to ask what type of website I was doing before I went home. In fact, I really want to show my family in front of my family. How many cows do I have?. Site visits tens of thousands of days, so certain keywords in Baidu search ranking first. How can the garbage station with pornography go before the family,


now the road to the garbage station is getting narrower and narrower, and the profit model is less and less. Pure to do the flow of the site is not good, first, Baidu included difficult, second, collected from the K is not far. Can only stay in Baidu included, K drop between the endless cycle. Website K A: it’s all over. How tired! Is there a way to do it?. Do regular station, although tired point, but in a little bit of accumulation of connections and resources. Every journey begins with the first step. Now you can see the station, such as Admin5, im286 and Chinaz are out of the accumulation of every little bit. In those years, with the king, refused to swim with the birds struggle with the webmaster, come back to find yourself doing a lot of Web site, but found no one can get the hand. The king refused to swim and figure, the birds is careful to do a station, such as "soldier assault" high city, said Xu do every little thing like desperately grabbed a straw as a business, a long time back to see them, then they have to hold the a tree is looking at the sky tree. And a few years later, you want to hold a big tree or a straw, is that you make the decision today is a garbage station or regular station?. Time is walking, and when we complain about ourselves, we have quietly arrived in 2008, and we will spend the 2009 quietly. What are you looking at, lovely viewers? How long will it take to see?

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