Experience reveal to you the day to earn 200 insurance scam Wangzhuan

around February 27, 2008, see the post in a forum to see a return to find interesting, his data information which left a web site, so I copied and pasted into the address bar, enter the story from the beginning……


of this forum open speed away, using the DZ program, with more than 600 members, forum basically are introduced to make money online, and the title quite attractive "guaranteed monthly income of one thousand yuan a small project" base on the income of more than 200 yuan "" guaranteed, earn more than 500 yuan, "when you see when they immediately feel this is a lie, the sky will not fall, he did not earn their own money? But, like my monthly wage earning money, and every day dreams, how much is a little heart, if it is true? Go like this is not wasted the opportunity to make money? It is easy to find a contact QQ, search, verification, start talking (part from:


: can I really make money,


PZ: that’s right. Just do what I tell you, and you’ll be able to make money in a week.

: what if I can’t make money?

PZ: full refund to you, if you start making money, then pay me 500 yuan.

(well, replied quite simply the


me: can I trade through Taobao,


PZ: only direct payment is accepted at present.

me: that’s OK, 88

PZ: wait a minute. Let me see.

me: Oh,


PZ: all right, http://s.www.taobao.com/XXXXXX

then, the man handed me a packet called "web tutorials and tools" for me and sent me a forum for the secret section. I hurried in, poured all the tutorials to save down, roughly looked at the previous sections are of no importance about things, what "basic auction" and "GG account", one is "marketing techniques", ha ha, from the inside to see these deceptive tricks people (here not say, interested friends to my blog to download the entire chat record and save the Wangzhuan tutorial), these people will tell you that our money is legitimate, but they don’t give anything you teach, you can choose to sell Wangzhuan, go to cheat others.

second days, I found the people inside the QQ, asking him to refund, and he discusses him this is not a pyramid scheme, and is not a problem (this is to see how people cope with the buyers), and then directly on Taobao "no reason to apply for a refund, refund receipt of the goods, then the seller to upload chat in order to make records of shipping documents, it should be noted here.

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