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soft are called soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, until you find this is a soft text, you have not cold at the fallen into a carefully designed "soft text ads" trap. Why now soft Wen will be welcomed by enterprises, the reason is that a good soft Wen brings less economic benefits than television advertising, and less investment costs.

one, original

, this is what we do for the network all understand, search engine love is original. Original can let search spider can come to your website every day, even a day can also patronize several times.

two, content

express our ideas in clear and concise language, to express their views, this article, not only by the website’s welcome, let the reader see, impressed by the products, the author, enterprise, and identity. It is better to combine text and pictures so that pictures can be used to confirm what is said in the text.

three, take advantage of hot news

hot news, this is the content of Internet users love, but also like to see. And the use of hot news written out of the content, will be reproduced by Internet users will also be greater opportunities, but also for more Internet users to see this article.

write soft text propaganda point is in the article is very casual, natural and add your own website, blog, space and other links, if it is the product, don’t deliberately to pile this product keywords. The purpose of soft Wen is to promote their blog, website, product. Let soft Wen to bring considerable flow or benefit, let the Internet users to this blog or web site have certain impression.

under the said how to promote soft Wen?.

publishing platform selection, such as propaganda website or blog to select AJJ, ADMIN5, Chinese station, a push, China station, laggards, WEB development network to release (promotion) (station) of the text, such as: promote XX products go to the web site publicity only result is soft to be deleted, it will be released at different sites or BBS according to different soft. Maybe this is what everyone knows, but it really takes a little effort to really do it well. Also hope to learn exchanges with you.

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