Baidu flow cheating is how to make

long ago, in Baidu search Alibaba related when found, listed in the first one impressively Alibaba, and use is "promotion", that is, bidding.

when Taobao from Baidu after the cancellation of the business, I occasionally found in the NetEase mailbox closed suddenly pop up is actually Taobao ads. Obviously, Taobao and Ali may be a bit too far, but if their business is doing well, are they worried about PV and IP? Obviously fraud,


one day, the author accidentally went to the Internet bar and found that did the advertisement for the Internet cafe. As we all know, Internet cafes in China’s large scale, an Internet cafe is less than 100 computers, more than five hundred to more than 1000 units, these computers are constantly in use every day. If the Internet time is too long for the Internet addicts, the achievement of a medical expert based on mental illness, then these computers are not an accomplice of mental patients?.

Baidu buy traffic is a cheating behavior, the author recently visited many Internet cafes in the capital, found that many of the Internet bar’s home page is Baidu, and there is, this shows what the problem?

on the one hand, Baidu accused Adsense of cheating Baidu union ad, on the one hand, Baidu himself in cheating.

the Internet computer, the use of time every day at least ten hours each, open a IE, Baidu home page is opened again, the light of the city of Beijing normal Internet bar more than 500 homes, according to the calculation of each 100 units, a total of more than 50 thousand Taiwan.

assumes that one hour Internet cafes each computer IE was opened 10 times, 50 thousand computer use every day for 10 hours, every day Baidu PV value is more than 5 million times, the numbers are conservative, in fact every computer within one hour, the opening times of IE may be N times 10 times, this is only Beijing area. However, users open the IE home page, basically still used to search, and that used to bring PV traffic is far from the 5 million. For Baidu’s monopoly of Internet cafes, home page behavior, is not a kind of unfair competition behavior? At least, Baidu is buying traffic!


in other words, now the real number in the use of Baidu search may be far from so many published some of the so-called third party authority, for Baidu called the largest Chinese search title is questionable. Does that mean that Baidu’s unfair competition is a sign that Baidu is on the edge of bad faith,

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