How do you get the movie station to flow by 100 thousand P per day Movie station operation plan

with the increasing speed of network bandwidth, more and more users choose the online watch movies and television, so the demand for the film website is increasing constantly, and the movie station is easy to do, even if there is no technology to download a CMS you can easily build a high-end atmosphere on the level of the movie stand out movie stop and give people unlimited imagination, so many people choose to do the movie station.


entered the film in this segment of the industry, only to find the original movie station traffic is not so easy to do, because the data are collected, resulting in repeated contents of ultra high, want to get traffic through the search engine is very difficult, is to choose or give up? Insist, how to solve a series of problems, and should how to enhance the site real effective flow? Today, focusing on how to create a 100 thousand IP movie station this problem and we share together Maple Xing personal views, the majority of users want to help.

one, how does the website make characteristic, how to walk dissimilation road?


a website can achieve success, can achieve the expected goal, planning is very important,

!At present, many people choose to

Marx movie CMS, or fly the movie CMS, which film systems are never mind, there are a lot of movie CMS, all support the movie resources data collection, setting in the background as long as the catalogue address, try to differ in these aspects with others, do not use the default background. The CMS movie station is the core and the most important one. It takes time to improve it.

if you just spend a lot of time to improve the film CMS, without adding other differences in content, in order to achieve the goal of 100 thousand IP, is still very difficult, need to spend a long time, may have to adhere to two years or even longer, two years after the Internet environment can not have pirated movies stand the living environment is not know. Therefore, the new changes, more than others, to provide users with more comprehensive services in order to retain users in the fierce competition. Here, Xing Maple suggested adding content information system, in addition to watch online video content to do, but also do news content, using information content to grab traffic, to attract users to the site, and then insert the corresponding content in the movie online watch web site, allowing users to browse information content to watch the video, which can greatly increase the residence time of the user.

information content, how to do? Can do the following categories: content, drama as a movie and TV drama, drama diversity introduced, these searches are quite large; answer: like the movie, TV drama aired what time this type of traffic is good; there is a comment: as Transformers is not good-looking, good speed and passion? This class can also be part of the flow guide, in short, to do all the fine content, attention to do, it is professional.

two, how to promote the site?

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