nternet Banking Grassroots encounter goddess or 2015 will usher in blowout growth

abstract the outside world has a vivid metaphor for the Internet’s collision with the Finance: the grass roots meet the goddess. In 2014, the total turnover of China’s P2P sector exceeded 250 billion yuan, an increase of 140% over the previous year. In 2015, the P2P industry will make great strides. What opportunities will there be in this tide?


outside the Internet for the financial collision, there is a vivid metaphor: Grassroots encountered a goddess.

related data statistics, in 2014 China’s total turnover in the field of P2P more than 250 billion yuan, an increase of 140% over the previous year. In view of the introduction of P2P regulatory rules soon, the industry competition order norms, coupled with the central bank cut interest rates double positive impact, the 2015 P2P industry will be considerable development.

for mobile Internet opportunities in the tide of Internet financial opportunities in the open class, thousands of Internet banking will be the club co-founder Tang Xunfang shared their views and opinions for the Internet financial.

Three essential characteristics of

Internet banking

, vice president of CICC Xie Ping first proposed the concept of Internet banking. From 2013 onwards, the Internet financial industry began to rise. By combing the understanding of the academic community and their own understanding, the characteristics of Internet banking can be summarized from three aspects.

The first essence of

is "changing data channels",

we went through the bank to open an account to buy gold and silver products, and now we go to search for loans, financial products, through the official website or flagship store and other channels to buy. The reason is obvious, modern people live too fast, and the cost of going to the bank is higher. Although electricity providers account for only 8% of the big retail sector, companies such as Taobao or Jingdong are still large in size. And because the financial products do not need logistics at the back end, there will be more financial behavior in the future, online, the proportion will be higher than 8%.

The second essence of

is finance,

Internet banking or financial nature, different with the traditional finance, you can do C2B financial services for customers, also can better understand that who is paying users, 20% users value-added, who are you 80% free access to the user.

The third essence of

is platform level

Internet banking has both Internet attributes and monopolistic behavior. For other innovative companies, both need to have Internet attributes, but also need to have financial characteristics. When you have these attributes, the entire Internet banking will form Matthew effect.

we are optimistic about now, including Ali, Tencent, Jingdong and other financial products. Like Ali has the bottom payment and credit, it also has to recruit treasure, Taobao’s fund store, the flagship store of financial institutions, it needs is a traffic inlet. Tencent has so many QQ users, and WeChat users, too

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