and A5 intermediary story from the desperate webmaster to the professional rice merchants road of

‘s original A5 first, I was isemma in the A5 forum nickname, for add or recommend contest.

today, after an intermediary transaction, I was invited to write a little experience on duty. In fact, I wanted to write it very long ago. I haven’t had enough time to write it today.

you can see that my account registration time is relatively late, the transaction record has been more than 50, of course, there is no record of the transaction, Alipay directly to me to play, with the price of push, are not included, the actual number of transactions is far more than these.

at the end of 2009, I entered the Wangzhuan Road, do some shopping network, trendsetter ( over the past six months, but has no income, I am hopeless and helpless, so in 2010 I intend to sell the website. I do not know the A5 forum that time is short enough to see, oh, after a friend introduced, I can contact the A5 forum, registered account, published my first sell station post, I post writing a very detailed introduction to all aspects, and I want to sell the reason and so on, a PR2 included good site, is generally not a flow of income, the site offers 1200 yuan, A5 forum is really God, less than 2 days, I asked people in a continuous line, and finally a netizen to 800 yuan turnover, he suggested using A5 medium, it was my first contact with A5 medium the transaction is successful.

later, continued to several other my station are sold, my friends see me standing always quick to sell, many users also commissioned me to sell the station, give me a little reward, I also made a small fortune, but to help others to sell the total can not earn much, so I started the station received meters, their diligent study, also learned the registered corn, he has invested a little money to start a business professional meters. But the business is not so smooth, just invested thousands of dollars into the product of a lot of corn and the site in the hand, very few people buy, capital operation ah, this is over, so investment bought meters nobody wanted, my dead loss. But I did not give up, after a period of persistence, improving maize quality and service to our customers, whether to buy or not buy customers have given me the most sincere attitude, slowly, business is good, and some old customer support, more and more smoothly.

below is the station for selling rice:

first, set a let a person look more comfortable and make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory of the head, can you remember, for beauty avatar, not too popular, or set up a unique picture, make a person look very cool.

post title, the title of my hit rate is always the same page other title 2-3 times, the best title for a little longer, to highlight the theme, the biggest advantage is clearly written website, such as prominent flow large, prominent income high conversion rate, large sites highlight your unique place, what are not garbage stop your price and outstanding "

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