From the Alexa rankings the mainstream web site program who lead

         ;     in this article the mainstream web site program refers to the Blog, CMS, BBS these mainstream web site procedures. Other site building procedures are not included in this discussion.

              we always ask when we are standing. Which blog is the most popular? Which CMS is best used? Forum election DZ or choose PW?. The question to ask, only one result: radish leaves.

            what are the most popular programs? The investigation was very troublesome. Here I’m only ranked by Alexa (query time 2008., 6.14). Talk about the popularity of website building procedures. If they’re brushing rankings, call me an ambulance. I went to buy a piece of tofu wall).

                Blog;       first, class a..

ASP name Alexa official website evaluation results PHP name official website Alexa L-Blog 6565033 O-Blog evaluation results of 20420834 LBS 8423264 BO-Blog 1257241 Z-Blog 797411 SaBlog-X 2098742 PJBlog 1021582 F2Blog 3427713

                          Bo-Blog;   select blog program, from the rankings suggest that you choose the ASP Z-blog or PHP of the.

               ;         &nbs>

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