How to operate mobile games

With the popularity of mobile phone

mobile Internet, mobile phone game is becoming a favorite of young people, of course, more and more mobile phone games, classic games, sports games have cut fruit and so on, but when I play mobile phone games, people will always encounter the evil heart. It is almost every mobile phone game will do everything possible to allow users to spend money to buy props, and some mobile phone will suddenly pop up window to buy, let the game player game is impossible to guard against ah, charges as unalterable principles things, but this situation will make a lot of mobile phone users in the anti sense. That is the free game, there is no real free stuff, mobile phone game is very broad prospects, but thinking from the user’s point of view, mobile phone game how to operate? Similar site operators, mobile phone game operators also want to pay attention to the user experience, I think the mobile phone game operators need to pay attention to the following several points:

number one: embedding ads in mobile games to increase game revenue

mobile games, charging is inevitable, and this is no essential difference between web games and large online games, but mobile games rely on the platform is smart phones, rather than computers or web pages. As the above mentioned, a lot of mobile phone game in disguise forcing game player consumption, which makes a lot of mobile phone users bored, so in charge of mobile phone game developers, operators or whether we should go to pay the cost of how to let the user most willing to think. There are two forms of game currency and RMB currency in the game, the game can earn money is directly through the game, while the yuan can only go to recharge, mobile phone games should make the game more valuable coins, that is to say the game currency can also buy a lot of props, so you can attract more hand machine game player to play the game, and then implanted in mobile phone game advertising, earn advertising fees, so the user will not down too disgusted, and in fact this is the website advertisement alliance is one thing.

second: analyze the target audience and capture the mental characteristics of the player

There are many types of

mobile phone games such as sports games, role-playing games, target users of mobile phone games is mobile phone users, with the popularity of smart machines, mobile phone users are increasing. The young 80, 90 after the majority of users, the mobile phone users usually love what kind of games? These data are needed to do market research, according to the data analysis to the target user group preferences and psychological. For example, this user group can also be divided into two kinds of men and women, female users like what kind of mobile games, male users like what kind of mobile phone, these need to do data survey and analysis. Only a clear understanding of the user’s psychological, in order to design a better mobile phone game products, such as hot cut fruit game mobile phone, why so many users love the game? Mobile phone game is a casual game, and usually users use spare time to play, to seize these features to the design of mobile phone game.

third: use various marketing methods to promote

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