ASP service providers to talk about how to select DC rental trustee

2008 is a lot of people called " IDC winter ", which I don’t oppose nor agree; the reason is very simple, we have the so-called " in each industry; Tai Chi Yin – Yang said. "; not this year, all the time is such, risks and opportunities coexist with the


why a lot of people right now IDC industry is very disappointed, there are many reasons, I also summarize some analysis on some; after analysis found that one of the most important is the integrity of " ", in succession should be national regulatory problems;; to tell you the truth, I will be online every year people cheat, cheat will cheat much less whether there is so little; April Beijing cable, have the Hua Qi Ming, network events; specific not say. These companies can come to this step is a reason;

Now people have..


here, according to my past two years the country with some room and room agent service providers, to customers in the server hosting server and how to make their own interests to maximize the protection of the tragedy occurred less than


first, how can I find IDC agent service provider


in Chinese, telecom service providers are now top IDC business services China Telecom group, China Netcom, Tietong group, mobile, Unicom Group, the top service provider is not dealing directly with the customer market, dealing with customers are called to us so ASP operators and IDC agents. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the Internet, many people want to get water in it; so the people who join the inside business. The new service providers, mostly with no money and no technical strength, with their intersection of agency fees, some have been bigger from IDC the room agents agents. Then is the price war did not stop. He like you 800, 700…. customer service can not be guaranteed, they did not consider so much, they are the most important is to list down, money received. Post service, development of enterprise heart they will try to ensure that your service to do… Just want to make money money life, they sometimes even his own life is a problem, how to manage you so much ah…

IDC Chinese said, does not, said the small. Four rooms per room per day of new machine I serve at 30-100 station; now chaos IDC city management. No law related, or is that law expressly not perfect…

is now doing IDC services over the Internet enterprises have a lot of people are 35 studios, the name of the company in the name of orders, so when you rent a server on a managed server or the first one is to look at each other can provide < business license; > and < tax credit; > now this two cards in >

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