Webmaster should hold a good attitude to participate in the SEO optimization contest

April 12th, stationmaster net fourth search engine optimization contest is started formally (http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20100413/223454.shtml). Since the beginning of 07 years, A5 has successfully held the 3 SEO optimization competition. The first three games with SEO entry books, 100, allgood Gu Baiyou as optimization keywords compete. While this year’s competition keywords optimization is also very unique, "bobaiyou" as the competition keywords, "World Expo" and "Baidu optimization", I wish the China Shanghai World Expo successfully held by the web site in the search engine Baidu search "Bo excellent" ranking as the evaluation criteria. The playing time is from April 12th to July 13th, lasting three months. The search engine has become the important window and channels to carry out network marketing public access to information, search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) are more and more websites and business users attention and recognition. The contest has been a positive response to many webmaster, A5 through its appeal and webmaster information trading platform advantage of hosting the tournament, with a learning exchange SEO technology for personal webmaster, a chance to showcase their own website, SEO is the master gathered, called SEO symposium, who can become a martial arts SEO the supreme leader, is on the line.

the conference set of bonuses over the previous three annual bonuses are rich, the first 5000 yuan reward second reward 3000 yuan, third 2000 yuan reward fourth reward 1000 yuan, fifth yuan reward 500, also added the best design, best ideas, the most useful site, the most active users and other awards. And depending on the sponsorship, there will be an extra bonus. In addition, excellent SEO Competition Award 5 QB (http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-1676314-1-1.html), and set up a special discussion forum (http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-428-1.html), for the webmaster discussion reflects the problem. It can be said that the three previous experience in organizing the fourth Bo excellent contest to prepare rules more perfect, more mature, more lucrative bonuses. For stationmaster, it is a rare good opportunity. Competition has just begun a few days time, according to statistics, nearly 300 people have signed up to participate actively, for this competition, we can wait and see, there will be more SEO technology more powerful station.

excellent competition has just begun, it is the webmaster friends reflect the top-ranking website was attacked, thus the degree of competition competition is furious, and even can be used to describe the tragic. Website attack is very helpless, but it is the inevitable result that competition causes, more cannot use the rule to restrict. Attack after all hide in the shadows, easy to hide the gun, but. Rules are good only for gentlemen, but not for men

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