Where are the opportunities for tourism

2008 is a year that all Chinese tourists do not want to remember but have to face. In this year, originally should be full of expectation and vision, the arrival of the Olympic Games, for the tourist brings a lot of opportunities. However, contrary to expectations, 08 years there has been a lot of disharmony, snowstorms, earthquakes, floods, Tibet, continuous natural calamities and man-made misfortunes coupled with the global economic downturn, and rising oil prices, all of which make Youth Tourism cast a layer of cold cream.

however, for tourism, this effect is only short-term because we still have our own opportunities.

1. The bewildering

of the airline industry

snowstorm, earthquake, so that countless flights grounded, causing huge losses. If these effects are only temporary, then the price of oil will rise and fall, but not within sight. So there is such a phenomenon, the airlines to reduce flight seat aviation magazine, become "stingy" up to the passenger airline stewardess when pouring water, paint off aircraft shell, an engine off the aircraft landing, the pilot flying height of the most fuel-efficient, large amount of cuts in international long-distance routes. Airlines have had to resort to increasingly creative fuel saving measures when the price of aviation fuel is furiously gobbling up profits. But while fuel prices are soaring, ticket prices are running at 90 percent off. 80 percent off, squeezing the profits of the airline industry.

however, in the face of so many difficulties at the same time, we are pleasantly surprised to see the cross-strait navigation, the two sides charter weekend ticket sales hot. With the advent of summer, the airline industry has entered a shipping boom. And from the ticket prices in a few cities, the fare increases on the sale of tickets did not have much impact.

so, overall, although oil prices increased, but because the subsidy measures in a timely manner, coupled with the appreciation of RMB exchange gains and losses, in improving the standard fuel surcharge, additional fuel costs for airlines and lack of fear, can boldly predicted that this year the whole industry profit will exceed last year.

two, "big ups and downs" in the hotel industry,

compared to the airline industry, the hotel industry is lucky. The effects of disasters on hotels, whether regionally or in time, are very small.

has the biggest impact on the hotel industry, the Olympics, and the Olympic Games in Beijing are enough to offset all the disadvantages. There will be a large influx of tourists, which brings a large number of tourists to the hotel. Although a large number of Nuevo Hotel to join, the hotel industry is also facing the Olympic Games after landing problems. But the Olympic effect is worth looking forward to the Olympic Games will make Chinese attractive to exist for a long time, the Olympic Games to the hotel the benefits are long-term, so the price of the hotel is just landing landing, and the occupancy rate will be in a relatively high position.

three, travel agency confidence and preparation,

in this game, travel agencies are most affected

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