Red Net Analysis Report net red bright and vain

December 2015, net red attention for the first time beyond the star, becoming the focus of the whole network and topic center. 2016 net red heat continues to rise, net red spread and net economy has been pushed to the wind above. The media exposure lasted & universal entertainment storm fuelling "Red Net" spread the heat, the 530 million micro-blog discussion, nearly 100 thousand articles, 281 million times the amount of reading, over 4 million news reports, hundreds of millions of pages included quantity level.


net red background

audience preference: National mutual entertainment era, youth culture and the rise of the content of consumption concept, the audience in a more entertaining way to find the values of identity and emotional outlet, excited crowd effect

environment: evolution and change of social platforms, remodeling and expression of communication, under the rise in a short video outlet, red net economy entrance expansion, lowering the threshold, powder, social network precipitation relationship, electronic business platform to achieve into a common network communication loop

red absorption through the short video

: red net spread from the social atmosphere of "Ugliness" "aesthetic" to political and brand, to the center and personality traits prominent, is a reflection of social and cultural changes of

mobile, social background

net red change

"red" refers to a certain topic and influence in micro-blog, WeChat, Post Bar community on the Internet platform "celebrity", due to an event in reality or in the network life or behavior is of concern of Internet users, and in cross platform communication and entertainment for all in the process of meaning intention by the network world the pursuit of. Red net includes both writers, entrepreneurs and officials has a certain influence in the real society, including the hand piece, derivative, beauty and other grass-roots groups. Under the network media environment, the network red is the result of the integration of the community, such as the network itself, the network pushing hands, the communication platform, and the psychological needs of the audience.

net red 1 times: Grassroots fame

net red 2 times: the creation of

net red 3 times: brand communication

net red = beauty? Net red = Yan value economy?

some people will be defined as high narrow Red Net yen value and self marketing network beauty, Papi sauce and other creative red expands the rise of net public network of red cognitive, let the concept of net red gradually extended from the "people" and "objects" to "personalized brand" level, the kernel of gravity red net from the "Yan value service extends to the original content, information value, and more professional level, through the fit the audience’s aesthetic values, concept of entertainment and consumption concept of brand communication and transformation.

red "stigmatized" and the connotation development requires both the media and public opinion leaders to guide and hot transfer, also depends on the original type, professional network building and the emergence of red, red with the network identity and communication mode, business change >

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