Website operation can not blindly adhere to

now a lot of personal webmaster very hard, also very hard, but they are very confused. Most of the individual webmaster still stay in the chain of hair. In addition to hair articles, hair chain, other do not know what to do. A day from morning till night, a few hundred chains, hundreds of text, so that you can run the site well, this is blind, persist in the wrong direction, the more efforts will only be farther away from the target.


seriously, in itself is not wrong, insist on is not wrong. But the direction is the most important. What is the most important thing for an individual webmaster every day? Personally feel that checking data is the most important thing.

first of all, you sent yesterday’s chain article included? How much is included in the collected pages have brought traffic? I think this is the first personal Adsense should pay attention to.

secondly, talk about originality again. An intention of the original, compared to one hundred copies of pseudo original. A website content is the most important, but also the search engine favorite. But the originality of this insistence is the right direction, but it is very difficult. You see, Zac, moonlight, Lu Songsong and other well-known blog, you can understand that the article is not in the original. It doesn’t matter if you can’t write a good article, as long as you stick to it, you can dry it out. This is also the quality of the construction of the chain of the most important, do a good job description, the article quality is good, the transfer of more people, the quality of the chain is generated. This quality is one hundred times better than the software you produce.

finally, talk about a very important but tiring job. Is an invalid link to clean up the page. Our website has many links to external links, but after a long time, many websites have been closed or expired. We’re going to clean up this time. Sometimes I also regret how I link the external links. You can check the webmaster tools, those links have been invalid. Cleaning out the chain is not only very popular with the search engine, for the readability of the article is also fully improved.

really remind webmaster again, do not blindly send the chain every day. I haven’t written articles for a long time. I feel it good to write occasionally. I will update it every day. I hope everyone will support me. The above is the author of the website operation can not blindly adhere to some opinions, writing wrong, welcome to correct, writing is not good, please forgive me. This paper consists of original Wenzhou Yuesao please keep the link.

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