Site 4 months BBS the number of online each day to 20 thousand people experience sharing

Last December

wrote a post name: Chinese entertainment community forum, 4 months later, the forum in the webmaster webmaster and efforts, is now the number of daily online in a forum to reach 20 thousand people.

China entertainment community network from the site to 4 months now, and because the webmaster began to know, so I have to pay attention to the entertainment community, from the beginning of the webmaster can hardly understand the development of the forum and now the forum number (though not many) have a certain scale of the forum, this is why? In fact, I feel that with personal patience, method of accumulation and not afraid of hardship is the key to the success of the forum.

only, so I wrote this post, not because there is no such webmaster, because I think he is not easy to do, he do BBS webmaster has many restrictions.

1, Baidu is now included in 0, Google now included less than 800, the webmaster will not SEO, so the data from the search engine is very little.

2, the first forum is installed by the space business, and then the webmaster slowly groping, and slowly accumulated experience.

3, from the past do not know how to promote the site, the number of sites to twenty thousand people per day, and now the average registered number of 500 per day, every day post: 18000, the existing members of 300000.

, because I wonder why the forum is going so fast. – the main content of the website (plug-in). Here are what the webmaster says about the promotion (basically the exact words),:

" site for me is also a very accidental thing, at the beginning of my job is to do FLASH (animation), of course, will be lifted to some sites, for web sites, basically do not understand.

I used to be a moderator on several forums, and I still know something about the management of forums. It has been a site of the idea, but the technology is not very good has been delayed, finally determined to do, in 2008 December, just on the Internet to find a website made a website (now that I think was really too stupid. Spent 1300 yuan, bought a domain name, that is now (Chinese entertainment community) space only 200M), the program he did to do, ASP system, in this way, the forum was born.

later because of the effect of the website and my idea some difference, changed to PhpWind forum. With this program, I think the program is good, also love this program! I began to promote in this program, along with the increase of the number of servers, always crashes, then I and server business consultation, nor what results, looking hard to pull traffic reduced day by day, so I have decided to change the server, later replaced by a 2G virtual host space.

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