Stationmaster a little more thought more action

many webmasters always complain on the Internet: "income is much lower", "today, you can only eat instant noodles", "can not afford the rent" and so on, the language of these webmaster said. Action? You went to look at the novel behind YY, or play games, do not go to the heart of their station management, do not go to the heart and your site’s users, high income.

day from December 08 to now made several small, although the income is not high, but the family is careless. I’m satisfied with the short time, and if you give me more time, I believe I can do better.

so don’t always use your mouth to complain, but use actions to show them.

practice has proved that the success of the webmaster are paranoid and crazy. Graph king can manually processing millions of pictures, there are now many webmaster can do? May do most is how to collect, to steal the resources of others on how to cheat money? K went to the Internet complaining……

perhaps some stationmaster says, the competition of Internet is too big now, do station attentively, can starve to death only. But today I see a webmaster on the "good": "Internet development only 10 years, there is also promising."". Indeed, as the stationmaster said, the Internet is still a big opportunity. If there is no what to do, I think our children not to the Internet to the inside, no need, no chance.

now the Internet to everyone’s feeling, there is no big potential for mining, because the site’s profit dismal, most of the webmaster are dependent on the alliance to keep alive. But we have a conscious, the future of the Internet is the main rely on electronic commerce, through the website selling products to achieve profitability will gradually become the main body of this point, Ma Taobao customers walk in the front, said a advertising alliance e-commerce is essentially.

said the future, currently GG advertising, although the price of the overall decline in the number of Internet users, but also in increasing ah, how to guide users to their website for more information, how to tap the potential of more keywords, I think is worth the webmaster to think.

, a good idea + to put this idea into practice, I believe there will be a lot of complaints on the internet.

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