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leads: following, beautiful say wait for shopping guide website to change after, rice metre net also is looking for a way out all the time. Today, the official determination of rice folding network from the site to upgrade the platform for women to sell money platform.

‘s largest online shopping platform to save money – meters folding network announced its upgraded business, the online shopping platform to upgrade money for women sale platform, will be designed to provide products and services for tens of millions of young women in china. "Rice folding network" slogan also from the original "online shopping, save money, the first stop" changed to "tens of millions of women’s exclusive superior product sale" will be".

meters folding network general manager Ke Zunyao said that this upgrade mainly from the entire operation team, the electricity supplier environment and its own business development thinking. Future electricity supplier trends will not continue to play big traffic and large platforms, will pay more attention to the precise acquisition of consumer groups, need to go deep into the study and service at the C end of the crowd.

mutual show electricity supplier’s other mother shopping platform – Beibei network in April this year on line, as of the end of 8 sales data, the month GMV has exceeded 60 million. According to the backstage data of Bei Bei net, the user of Beibei net 71% is 25~35 years old young mom or expectant mother.

meter folding net 80% for young female users

it is understood that the rice folding network has 30 million users, of whom more than 80% of the users are young women 16~25 years old, their desire to shopping is strong, and the cost performance has higher requirements. Meters off the network the revision, adjustment of the structure of SKU main station of goods, at the same time in the design of the whole website on more use of feminine elements, give full consideration to the female consumer search and purchase line.

‘s online team has been quick to achieve high growth performance, and the company’s core team has more clearly defined the strategic positioning of the female market.

in this revision, rice meters still maintain "men’s clothing" channel. Ke Zunyao, general manager of rice folding network explained: "most of the men who have a girlfriend or wife, the purchase of clothing will be arranged by their female partners, so after upgrading, meters still retained the men’s channel."." And the past sales data of rice folding also support Ke Zunyao’s view, more than 90% of men’s clothing is purchased by female consumers.

Ke Zunyao expresses, "rice net" will continue to optimize the overall style of the website, make it more suitable for young women’s consumer demand and purchasing habits."

in the rice folding network revision, rice folding nets and Beibei net service crowd will be more focused on the 16-35 year old female, the two platforms will be more closely linked. Two platform users will be able to achieve more precise docking, meters off the network currently diversion contribution to the babe network of more than 50% users can flow into more accurate to babe network in upgrading meters off the network, at the same time because diversion platform users more precise, babe network users are expected to purchase conversion rate get promoted.


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