Talk about six elements that excellent stationmaster should have again

do webmaster difficult, to be a successful webmaster is more difficult, so how can become a successful webmaster,


two days ago to write the webmaster to have 5 elements, has been asked me on Q, in addition to those other factors have not?. Today, I summed up the author once again and communicate with you.

1, love the industry you choose,

old saying do you love, if you choose the latest trends of the Internet industry that must always pay attention to the Internet, the industry trends, the future direction of development, through the news can clearly see. As a webmaster forums, you can not but you can not focus on Baidu news events, the exchange of experience on the network owners to see other webmaster to write, to develop a good habit to subscribe to RSS every day, spend a little time to understand everything, not to appear a little problem and hands busy feet on it.

2, don’t force yourself to do something you don’t like,

interest is the best teacher, we can not learn, but not love, it is difficult. So we should choose one of your area of expertise, play to their strengths, combined with their own knowledge, you can do it, if you love photography, photography can be a communication network, if you love Yao Ming, you can do a Yao Ming fan network. You think everyday is something of interest, the mood will follow up, I think the biggest pain is not Webmaster Station does not make money, but do not interest but also do not make money station. If you choose a station that you are interested in, you will suffer less if you don’t make money than you don’t like.

3, don’t try to eat a fat person,

a lot of people want to own a Baidu station can receive the home page, can make portal, to put it crudely, it was thought better than Zhang Zhaoyang, died faster than mayflies. Advise a friend who wants to be a station, not to stand small, but not to stand up and do well. From the current form, to make a stand must be alive, every new station such as bamboo shoots after the rain come up, don’t let the waves after you shot dead on the line, on the beach to live, go to the station before the station profit point. Do stand like marriage can not tolerate the slightest careless, also do not have, from childhood, how do you do.

4, make full use of time, find time to benefit

as a station, you can do whatever you want. No one tells you what you have to do today. Therefore, the management of time is very important. On the same day, who has a good schedule, who gets good results on that day. Set a goal for yourself, to plan their own what to do next, but if you start to get a 10 year plan, it is purely nonsense, not all the way to learn to run? We do not do the actual visionary. Manage your time every day for a long time and you’ll find that your benefits are improving day by day.

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