Will the forum die Look at some facts and make a conclusion

in BBS’s rapid development from 2002 to 2008, BBS’s only community product rival is a weak interactive blog. But now? And the emergence of new product platform, such as micro-blog, WeChat, question and answer, and these new products is indeed pocketed popularity, even a lot of users daily use at most two applications: micro-blog and WeChat. It can be said that micro-blog, WeChat is a network of fast food culture, its fast update, and generally read, the truth is indeed very suitable for the social life rhythm, so these new products welcomed by users is also natural. Therefore, there are many people who like to join the fun will say that the forum is out of date, a few years later will die.

you may remember that the forums were in explosive growth a few years ago, and many people would say that blogs have already passed and will soon be gone. However, we can look at the blog now, IT technology in the field has many from the media use of blogs on the Internet can be said to be in full swing speculation, such as the tiger sniffing network like; and some other small direction are very familiar to their personal blogs also use to share knowledge and resources they know. The content of the blog is relatively high quality, the content is less than one hour after the author, it is a week or even longer to create. These factors are also the reason why blogs do not die and show their vitality.

now let us look at the forum, although now the new micro-blog WeChat forum this platform has a great impact, but now the Internet or countless forums, and a lot of quality are particularly high, user activity is also very high, such as the amount of information of some large industry forums every day to hundreds of thousands of. Those two years ago that the forum will perish within two years of the prophet failed, after a simple analysis of the following points that the forum will certainly die, but at least a recent period of time will not disappear, even if it has certainly improved its output to replace it, so you have to struggle forum will not die, this problem is not really important to you, you have to do what the site well. Why do I think the forum will last for at least a few years and live well,


first, though perhaps forum users in mind status decreased due to a variety of emerging platforms emerge, but it still has the value of existence, or Tencent is not in the 3 years ago Chinese spent heavily to acquire the largest community of software services Kangsheng company, Tencent can not take the money they have no place to put the front; micro-blog WeChat said this thing is very fast, usually had little to aftertaste, which seems to be consistent with current social demand, but there is still a lot of people want to have a slow pace in some time, and can meet the needs of this forum.

second, the forum is now a vertical community or local forum, and these are hard to replace micro-blog, WeChat, micro-blog, WeChat is one

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